Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Wedding in The Rockies

We went on a little road trip this past weekend to Denver (yeah- interesting weekend to be in Denver) to see Rob's brother Travis get married to our new sister in law Alicia.  I must say, the Colorado mountains made a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. 

Beautiful day too AND a great couple.  We are glad to welcome Alicia officially into the family (we spent Christmas with her and she is fully approved- especially by Scout.  She wormed her way nicely into Scout's heart with about 300 games of "Go Fish").

 I am making a valiant effort to get Elle to walk to her table for the luncheon.
Cooperation was minimal.

Alicia is an ex pastry chef and turns her nose at wedding cakes (rightly so- dry tasteless things that they are), so instead, each table had a gourmet cake as the centerpiece and all the guests were going around tasting as many as possible.  I made it through 4 before I had to call it quits.  Later that night I deeply regretted not taking a few samples back to the hotel of the ones I didn't get to.  
Oh well.  I suppose it's all for the best.

Speaking of the hotel, this trip marked the first time the girls have ever shared a bed.  Good grief they were both giggly.  Elinor couldn't believe her good fortune finding herself laying next to Scout. 

Scout found it pretty exciting herself I think.  It took quite a while for them to settle down.

Here you get to witness Scout trying to photo bomb my picture, misunderstanding that I am actually recording a video........  Just watching this makes me tired.  Those were some epic beans.

Believe it or not, they both finally gave up........ like 2 hours later.

Rob and I just watched the news.  So sad.  It was pretty cool being able to watch the local news though- we got a better picture and more personal view of the whole thing.  Our hotel was only 15 minutes away from that theater.  
Still can't believe that happened.

There are plenty of other and better pictures taken by other cameras at the wedding, I just don't have my hands on them yet and don't know when I will. 
 As usual, my camera spent most of it's time in the diaper bag.
It was a great weekend though, and always fun to spend a few days with the fam, spread out across the US as they are (when I say spread out, I am talking from Pennsylvania to Hawaii -and a few places in between-, so we rarely get to spend time together.) 
We try and make the best of it when we do though.

Congratulations Travis and Alicia!!  We wish you the best!


Sue said...

That is a beautiful place for a wedding. And what a sad time to be in Denver. I was thinking about you guys and wondering what the local news was like. So sad, still having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

I love those pictures of Scout and Elinor in the same bed! And the video is hilarious! Scout pulling that face at the beginning made me laugh so hard. She cracks me up. And what a lot of energy! She seems obsessed with the peace sign. And Elinor looks happier than I've ever seen her! I love her laugh and don't get to hear that very often. I can't wait to spend a whole week with them in Mexico!

Anonymous said...

Elles looks sooo excited to be in that bed with Scout!! And that video makes me tired too. But it also made me giggle. That ending shot was perfect. And her "temper tantrum" was great.

Beautiful place for a wedding. But poor Colorado. This has not been a good year for them. How incredibly sad.


Emily said...

Scout has been obsessed with "peace" for some time now. I don't know where it started. Elle is often that happy especially around scout, and they will share a bed in Mexico, so I bet this scene will be recreated more then once. I also feel like scouts little theatrical tantrum is a highlight. That girl turns on in front of the camera like crazy.

I agree- poor Colorado. Loved the pics of Christian Bale visiting the hospital, etc. just really loved that he did that.

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