Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bonnaroo and Regan

A few weeks ago, Rob got invited to go on an overnight fishing trip with a friend.  I told him that he should go, it would be fun (it wasn't, but that's another story).  The only thing that made me nervous about this was that I knew I was going to see The Exorcist (for the first time ever, on the big screen no less) a couple days before he was to leave.  I started wondering if that was a wise thing to do.  I went anyway and it didn't scare me as bad as I thought it might.  (More on that whenever I get around to my what I've been watching post).  Friday came and Rob left, I took the girls out for rice bowls at Rumbi's.  Scout went to bed kind of early and so it was just Elle and I.  Elle, I and a live streaming Radiohead concert at the Bonnaroo Music Festival!  Elinor and I had a great time, the light show was right up her alley and Thom was in such a funny mood.  The concert was a lot of fun, and Thom hinted at a Radiohead/Jack White collaboration (!!!!!!!!!!)

At some point we switched to the laptop (better sound)

Lola joined us after a while
Suck face signaled the end of Elle's concert experience.

While watching I was also texting with Matt while he was watching and I was also chatting with B on facebook.  It was like we were all at the concert together (well sort of, I was lying on my own bed- which is kind of nice too).  My neighbor Charity was also chatting on facebook and by "chatting" I mean she was doing her best to scare the crap out of me.  I had text her earlier that if I come running into her house wild eyed at 1 in the morning it was because Rob is gone and I just saw The Exorcist.  She told me that she and Josh have a king sized bed and I would fit comfortably between them.  What I didn't know was Charity's fiendish side when it comes to scaring people.  She kept reminding me that Regan was most likely watching with us.  She also asked me if I knew the weird looking guy that had been standing outside my house staring at it for the last half hour. 
No thanks to Charity or our hall light that decided to flicker (seriously?- there is light flickering action in the movie) I totally made it without freaking out (and Josh and Charity woke up that morning without 3 additional people in their bed).  I even slept with the lights out- I was proud of that.

However, I made Lola sleep by me.  She stuck around me that night way more then usual.  She slept on the floor by my side of the bed during concert watching time and she has never done that.  She has her own chaise in Elinor's room which is the only piece of furniture she is allowed on, and she pretty much spends her time sleeping there, so it was strange for her to be on the floor there.  Maybe she sensed that she was wanted or maybe she just missed daddy.  After I put Elle to bed however, she took her place on her bed and I got into mine and decided I liked having her there.  So........ I dragged the cushion off her couch and put it next to my bed.  She was in heaven.  She loved it and stayed there all night and I was happy too.


Sue said...

How sweet! A mother/daughter Radiohead concert viewing with Uncle Matt and Aunt B on the side. I love that sucky face picture of Elles. I love her teeth! That is cute that Lola slept on the floor next to you.

Sorry we didn't stick around very long and talk after the movie the other night! We will have to get together again some time soon. I still need to do something for Scout for her birthday!

Emily said...

Matt and B are coming down tomorrow and staying for a few days, perhaps we could arrange something?


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