Saturday, June 23, 2012

Onwards and Upwards

Elle has graduated from this:

To this:
(Man I look tired!  Perhaps I should have taken the picture at the start of the hike instead the end...) 

I borrowed this backpack from my friend (and next door neighbor and taunter-of-scary-images-at-night-when-Rob-is-out-of-town-just-to-freak-me-out) Charity. 
 I Loved it and Elle loved it and now I need to get me my own.  
I wonder if they make any of these that fit 4 year olds......  
Perhaps I'm not going to want her on my back when she is 4 though.  
Maybe I'll just need to get into better shape.

Remember this?

One of the best pictures ever.


Ami Hart said...

Emily - May I introduce you to the wonderful world of the Ergo baby carrier? I got one of these when Nico was a baby, and it has been my near constant companion ever since. I can still carry Nico in it if I wanted, though his legs are a little long. My advice: Skip all the other backpacks and buy this one. It sits more on your hips than on your back, and is infinitely more comfortable. Honestly, I don't even notice the weight at all. Narry a shopping trip goes by when either Anders or Liam is not in there. Plus, I can easily get them in and out by myself. I went to check on their site just now to make sure I had the right site and happened to go to their blog page. The most recent blog is about a woman whose second daughter has spina
bifida. Her daughter is four now, and her mom still carries her around. Seriously, buy it. If I didn't use mine EVERY DAY, I would just mail it to you. I can't praise the thing enough. BUY IT!!!

Emily said...

Thanks Aim! This is great news! I am excited about this and am going to get one before Mexico. When I flew to Seattle a few months ago, I actually used that old Snugli cause that was the only way I could see managing Elle and everything else I needed to travel with. It worked fine (wore her pappose style like in that first pic) but she seemed to get fairly uncomfortable after about 40 minutes in the airport. (I will have rob with me in mexico, but way more stuff with us too.) I looked them up and there seem to be several styles though. I also read the blog and that lady lives in salt lake and she also sings on nick jr. (I had no idea that lady lived around here). Anyway I'm going to try to contact her through her blog and see if she has a particular style she recommends for long term use. Unless you can answer that- I am also very interested in carrying Elle as much and long as possible especially during times when strollers or wheelchairs are inconvenient. Hopefully elinor will be walking by 4 or 5.

Emily said...

It also looks like it could save me almost 100 dollars getting it instead of getting a Kelty. Cool.

Sue said...

Where did you go hiking? That pic of Elles peaking at the camera from behind your back is the best! She is too cute.

Emily said...

A trail called "bonneville shoreline trail" just in Orem.

Ami Hart said...

I have the original and have loved it. I honestly have no idea what the design differences are in the other ones.

Just as another recommendation booster: every single person who has borrowed mine has ended up buying their own.

Beth said...

Em....this is all way impressive to me. I can't carry any of my babies on my back ever! You are one tough cookie:)

megandjon said...

do you know about baby signing time? the main lady who does it, rachel de azevedo coleman, has a daughter with, i think, cerebral palsy and she has carried her for years. her daughter is like 8 or 10 or something and she still carries her. she has a lot about it on her blog, why they do it, and how she works out basically so that she can be strong enough to show her daughter who is confined to a wheel chair the world. there's a lot there about carriers and some that are designed for bigger kids.

maybe we are talking about the same person? anyway, she has carried her for way longer than anyone i've ever heard of and it is such an act of love. if you didn't know about her blog, that was the link. you should read the stories about all her daughters. they are all absolutely amazing!

Emily said...

Yep, same lady. Pretty cool story.


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