Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let Emily Buy it- Purex Crystals

So I bought this product this week seeing as I had a 2.00 coupon for it and I am a chump for fabric softeners. For the record, I only add liquid softener to my towel and blanket loads. I am nuts over good smelling sheets and towels. Clothes? Eh. A dryer sheet will do (or I am kind of digging the bounce dryer bar that stays in the drum- that is a worth while product). Anyway- I wasn't about to pass up a good deal to try out a new product I have interest in.

Holy bip this stuff is cool.

I am in LOVE with it. You add it at the beginning of your wash load and forget about it, except it is impossible to forget about it, cause it fills the whole upstairs with yummy laundry smells the whole time it is in the washer and dryer (especially the dryer though). I bought the blue one for some inexplicable reason seeing as when it comes to laundry I am usually a lavender scented kind of girl. I am digging the blue hard core, but am excited to try the purple.

It claims that it infuses with your laundry better because it spends so much time with it. Perhaps this is so, I don't know- what I do know is that it really does linger. I could still smell it on the THIRD day of my kitchen dish rag. Every time I ran it under hot water, that is the smell I smelled. I am a Nazi about kitchen rags and hardly ever keep one over a day. Using one for 3 days was almost unprecedented in my house, but it still smelled so nice I didn't bother to change it. I kind of like how it is crystals too cause Scout always likes to be my helper and put all stuff into stuff that needs done and dry crystals is a lot less messy then liquid. Plus it is not oil based like other softeners, so it is better for your clothes and towels.

So that is that. I wasn't even paid to say all those nice things, but I thought you guys ought to know that this is a product worth buying- it only runs about 4 dollars too, which is a bargain. (It will only run you 2 if you can dig the coupon out of your Sunday paper a few weeks ago.)


Haley said...

I've been wondering about this stuff. Glad to know it's good, I will definitely try it sometime. I love good smelling laundry but ever since Allison and I developed skin irritations to detergent our laundry smells have been sad due to free and clear detergent. However I have recently discovered it is only detergent that bothers our skin, not softener. Oh yeah!

Cat said...

These are amazing, Em! I just did my first load (with the blue kind)this weekend. Last night I wore a t-shirt to bed and could not stop turning my head and smelling my shoulder. I can't wait to get home and wash all my bedding with it! I've NEVER been enthused about laundry before. EVER! Great recommendation. It just took forever to use up all my dryer sheets first.


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