Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Haircut Follies

I made the dubious choice on Saturday night to trim Elle's hair. I was so done with her hair being in her eyes I made the rash choice to do it myself.

I have never claimed to have any idea what I am doing when it comes to cutting hair.

Infant hair is no exception.

Poor little thing has no idea what she is in for.

Still happy-
(Doesn't know enough that mommy is about to butcher her poor little hair.)



Yeah, I made every cliche mistake in the book (Hmmm.
Let me just even it up a little over here. Oops.)

Mommy is sorry Elles, but you're still the cutest little thing on the block.

And it isn't that bad if I brush it a certain way.

I'm actually pretty proud of the back.

But I was wondering if Scout is too old to blame on a secret game of barber shop?

Rob said that it isn't nice to blame that on Scout.

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Haley said...

I think it looks great! She definitely needed a cut! Her face in that after picture is so so cute.

Sue said...

I think she looks adorable. She looks so much like Scout in the "after" picture! I love the one under that too, where it looks like she looks in the mirror and screams. Good stuff.

B said...

Aww, I loved the shag. But I totally understand the "I cannot stand this hair to be like this for one more minute" feeling. The back is adorable, and Elle would look cute if you shaved her head, or gave her a mullet.

B said...

AND look at how straight she's sitting up, whoo hoo!!!!

Emily said...

I think she is sitting up so straight cause her legs are able to hang down the sink.

Emily said...

Oh, I think it looks really cute! That length of bangs is so cute. Cutting hair looks so simple, like anyone could do it. It turns out that beauty school is there for a reason. I tried to cut Bruce's hair once, at about this same age, and it ended up looking like a bowl cut, but with a baby-sized bowl. Poor poor Bruce.

Amy said...

I think it looks cute, too. And Rob is right, not too nice to blame Scout. However, she is not too old. My nephew butchered Annie's hair when he was 8!! I was so mad.


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