Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making a Splash

Radiohead much to my delight, surprised us all by releasing their new album last week. Then surprised us again by making it available a day early. The biggest surprise of all however has turned out to be this video of one of the tracks, "Lotus Flower":

It features just Thom dancing and it is funny, entertaining, stupefying at times, brilliant, and a tad off-setting. It has caused quite the reaction on the webs. Many of the reactions are fans making Thom dance to other tunes, such as Pony, Single Ladies, Milkshake, Whip My Hair, Maniac, Welcome to the Jungle, Bad Romance, Soulija Boy and my personal favorite:

You also have your dance guides such as this,
but this on NME really cracked me up.

There is talk that Thom recorded this dancing video with the purpose of creating a buzz surrounding the new album and if so, I say- well played Thom, well played. Either way I gotta say, I totally dig your dance moves.

Thank you for providing most of the source of this post. Totally dig you too.


mwwright said...

Oh wow. I'd seen this around Facebook, but hadn't had time to sit down and watch it. That was amazing. I think we might have to have Matt master some of those moves and do a video response. But maybe we should just leave it be, Thom's a really good dancer, and that was awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

That was from me


Emily said...

That would be pretty funny seeing as how Matt is like 2 feet taller then Thom.

ps I'm beginning to catch on that mwwright means B.

Cat said...

That was..........AWESOME!!


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