Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, Elle's little evaluations are over and we've had our meeting where we went over her abilities and made goals for her. I was nervous and it was scary. It was scary to see her paper evaluation listing her stage of development which was as follows:

Cognitive: 9-11 age range (in months, of course)
receptive language: 9 mos.
expressive language: 8 mos.
gross motor: 6 mos. (yikes)
fine motor: 10 mos.
social/emotional: 9 mos.
self-help: 14 mos. (go Elles! No surprise, this is the category that eating falls under). Also- one of the things in this area they grade on was helping me when I dress her, which I gave them a no. But the last couple of days I have observed a little more closely and she DOES help me with her arms and legs, so I am sure she should have scored higher still. MAYBE even where she should- gasp.

So there it is- yes, she is behind pretty much in all areas. The Kids on the Move people don't diagnose, so I need to get in touch with her doctor and start the ball rolling on finding out what is really going on with this little monkey. They recommended this, and told us that kids with delays like hers usually means there is an underlying condition. They definitely think she has a sensory issue going on. Another possibility is a mild case of cerebral palsey. The KOTM people said something about MRI's and CAT scans both which freak me out a little, but it is what it is. I googled "sensory issues in babies" today and saw some familiar things in Elle in one of the types. I also came away feeling very lucky, cause there are some cases of babies having sensory issues and they don't sound fun for anyone. Many involve clothing issues and many have food issues of which Elle has none of that and has been a calm happy baby, and the babies I read about today were NOT happy babies, in fact-- they were screaming babies. SO if she does have sensory issues, we hit the jackpot, cause she doesn't seem to be in pain- in fact, she seems to be a very happy little thing that doesn't let much bother her. The KOTM people told me that sensory issues and CP, don't usually effect cognitive learning and Elle is behind enough that it makes them think that if she has one of those conditions, there may be something else going on. But from what I read today, sensory issues at least can really get in the way of cognitive learning because of the limitations they have physically. So, I don't know. At this point I am far more concerned with her mental abilities then any physical problems. Mental abilities seem far more daunting and seem more tough to deal with in the long run.
There is good news. At the end of the meeting (in a shaky voice), I asked if kid's they have worked with that are in a similar situation as Elinor respond well to this program and they both gave me a resounding YES. It makes a huge difference and Elle is so young, she has the best chance possible. Many parents ignore the signs until they are almost 3 and many until they enroll them into kindergarten and these kids have much harder road blocks and stuff. So I have to give myself a little pat on the back for being the idiot/jerk/concerned mother that I was and pushed for Elle. I don't know what the future holds for Little Little but I do know she has a mom, dad and big sister that are going to support and fight for her and help her as much as we are able. We have little exercises to do with her and so far she is responding well to them and making progress already. The picture at the beginning of the post shows her having fallen asleep while trying to put little fisher price people into a bowl. Bless her little heart. Oh I love her. She is such a sweet little thing. She's so happy and has such a great little twinkle in her eye. Whatever life holds for her, she is going to do awesome.

Elle's goals:

Elinor with participate in container play.
Elinor will participate in simple relational play.
Elinor will imitate new gestures 50% of the time
Elinor will look for familiar people or objects when named.
Elinor will lift her arms to mom to be picked up.
Elinor will transfer objects between hands.
Elinor will play with her image in the mirror.
Elinor will distinguish between happy and angry voices and strangers and familiar people.


Marcus said...

Oh that picture just melts my heart. Fighting back tears reading this about that little sweetie. Even though she is behind, she is still making progress and is developing and will continue to do so. It's so great that you are catching this early. It definitely will help her out so much and the exercises you are doing will really make a difference. I'm so glad that she has you guys to help her, some parents wouldn't do what you guys are doing. Marcus is taking classes all about this stuff right now, including motor development. He has a motor development textbook that we could give to you guys if you want it. It might have some useful information in it so if you want it just let us know. Cheesy or not, we are all here for you guys and we love you all. Prayers and support from the Crook family.

Haley said...

Oops didn't even know Marcus had an account. He was just checking his gmail account so that's probably why.

Pops said...

Double everything Haley said above including the near tears. In many ways, Ellie is my favorite and I too love it that you guys are her parents. She is in great hands and with the Lord and you she will be fine. A fine contributor to society and the fam.

Amy said...

Little Elles was so blessed to be sent to you and Rob and I know that you guys feel equally blessed to have her. I can't think of a more loving, caring, and understanding environment for a baby with special needs to be in. Being aware of the problem early, puts you at such an advantage to help her so much. She has an amazing little spirit. She steals your heart the second you look at her and she's a bright light to everyone who knows her. Like you say, no matter what is in store for her, she will be amazing and awesome! I love you guys and I'm so proud of you for being so strong and loving and diligent in caring for sweet little Elle.

Ami said...

Em -

You and Rob will do great with Ells. She's such a cutie and such a sweetheart (at least she seems to be... I've never actually met her). She'll do great and be the best she can be, especially with you around.


Ami said...

^ What everyone else said! :) She'll be wonderful! And, keep in mind that in the off chance that there are future academic learning issues, there are lots of things that can be done in school to help as well. I'm glad you followed your instincts and are addressing things now. ((()))

Emily said...

Em, that is the sweetest thing. Ells is one lucky girl. I have to second everyone in saying she is SUCH a darling girl. And you're right, so happy and content. You really did hit the jackpot! I know she'll be great and push right on through. You guys are great parents and doing all the best for your girls. Love you.

megandjon said...

Elinor lucked out parent-wise and you guys lucked out too with her!! When I saw that list of goals at the end of the post I thought to myself, "looks like they got a whole bunch of new games to play!" 2 ideas off the top of my head for the language development is to give her "tours" (jon's dad does that with babies--even newborn--and i swear it really helps!) where you just walk around showing them stuff and naming it. He'll open the freezer and say "ooh cold!" the other idea is the baby signing time DVD's. I've been totally lazy and haven't done them with Henry, but I did them with Walter and I think it really just helps them get the idea of communicating with people faster and get EXCITED about it.

but those are just little ideas and really i just know that you guys are so ON this already and she is so LOVED that she will be the very best Elinor she can be. I only met her once and I love her too.

also, that is just about the cutest picture. love it.


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