Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Tiny E Does

It is time to do a yearly journal post for our little Elinor. This is her first one, seeing as this has been her first year, and also the fact that I just starting doing these for my girls this year.

What can I say about this little girl? For starters, she was long awaited and boy was she ever worth it. Our family has enjoyed her addition more then we can express. She has been the most content, non fussy little thing I've ever had the pleasure to meet. As a tiny baby, she hardly ever made a peep. Now that she has found her voice, she likes to be heard when needed, but it still isn't uncommon for her to be perfectly quiet and content playing with the buckle of a shoe for an hour or more. Perhaps she is content up to a fault, since it seems to be impending her need to get places. She still won't crawl, and she still curls her feet up to her body 89% of the time I try to get her to stand and put weight on her legs.

Elinor was born and we had in our minds that she would go by "Ella". Almost immediately, it was apparent that wasn't going to work for her for whatever reason, but Elle fits her like a glove. In addition to Elle, in a year she has gained the following nicknames: Tiny E, Little Little (mom and dad's personal favorite), Little E (this was born of a mistake of Scout's, confusing the former two nicknames on the list- I love it and call her that often), Ellesabubs, Smellinor (only at particular times), and Elsinore (Hamlet's castle). There are probably more, but those are on the forefront.

When Scout was in my tummy until present she has been known as "the monkey". She is indeed and it has stuck and everything but since meeting Elle, I now know that I had no idea what a monkey was. Elle embodies the moniker far more in every way then Scout EVER did. She has definitely taken it to new heights. Her feet are more hands then her hands are sometimes. They are really quite dexterous. My favorite is when she holds her bottles with her feet. It is rare, but quite a sight. Speaking of her legs and feet, she has had the cutest and funniest little legs since birth. Ever since she was about 5 weeks old, she has been totally intolerant of blankets confining them. When she was about 6 weeks old, I bought her one of those little sleep sacks and she would fight and fight those little legs and get no sleep until I would finally unzip it and free them. She also does what we call "cricket feet", which would be her rubbing them quickly against each other and make this zip zip zip noise. Cricket feet make an appearance when: she is excited, has recently gotten her shoes on (depending on her tenacity at the time, she may do cricket feet until she has cricketed at least one of the offending shoes off), when she's bored and wants to make the zip zip noise, or any time could be cricket time.

She used to hold her legs up like this all the time when she was newborn.

Scout took these. She is especially fond of Elle's legs while in the Jumparoo. She often gets the camera and take a picture of them when they strike her as being particularly cute. Or she will run and find me to have a look at them.

We shot some video of her fancy jumping, she does this every time we put her in her jumparoo. She RARELY jumps in it, if she does it is like 2 quick jumps a session. The rest of the time she has figured out a way to swing in it. The girl loves loves LOVES swinging.
Never is Elle happier then when Scout plays with her. Scout was the first one to get a belly laugh out of her and has kept her belly laughing since. Their little combined laughter is so contagious. Nothing can snap me out of a bad mood like hearing those two laugh together. Love it.

In these pictures, they were in her crib being "Wild Mustangs". They were in a cage to protect them from the tigers. Of course Elle has no idea what is going on besides the fact that Scout is in her bed with her playing and doing fun things (and letting her hold Wish Mustang). Life doesn't get much better.

I love this picture so much.

Elle has one sleeping position and one only......

Well, that's a little about Elinor. What a great year! (It's been Swellinor).

Here is a little slideshow to end the post:


Pops said...

The best little rundown on Tiny E ever! Good pictures and very discriptive writing. Good job, Ems and Elle and Scout. Also Rob and Lola. Love you guys.

Emily said...

That was so cute! I laughed out loud at her one and only sleeping position. Ha ha ha! Swellinor is right. She is so cute.
p.s. Elsinore is also the name of the brewery on Strange Brew. Slightly less cultural than the Hamlet fact.
P.P.S. My world verification is hiphup. Hee hee

Sarah said...

So cute! I think you should add leggy E and legginor to her list of names ;)

Haley said...

I love the pictures of Elles and Scout together, they love each other so much. I'm excited for Allison to have a little sibling to play with!

Amy said...

What an enjoyable little thing! She makes me smile. Glad you have her to enjoy everyday.

Emily said...

Em- I totally think of the Elsinore Brewery also when I think of my little nickname, but forgot to add it, then I remembered later but decided it sounded too clunky. Besides, when I call her Elsinore, I add "Castle" silently in my head, but have never added brewery. But glad you pointed it out so it gets it's proper representation.

Legginor- love it!


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