Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yesterday I took Scout to her first day of Kindergarten. She was greeted with the school mascot. I have to wonder if that practice scares more kids then relaxes..... She wasn't sure what she felt about him, but I was glad she was a good sport enough to let him get close for a picture. Today while we were getting ready for day two, she asked me if the cougar had be there.
Everyday when they get to class, they take their name off the board and put it in the front of the room under a question they have to answer. Yesterday was: Do you like to swim?
Scout was one of two kids that put their names in the "no" column. She likes most other things, but swimming encroaches on her ear hangup.

SOO nervous. She never cried, but I also couldn't get a smile either (besides the creepy forced smile I get when I ask her to smile and she isn't feeling it).
She goes in the afternoon track which is fine, perhaps not ideal, but better then 8. She came home yesterday all smiles and couldn't wait to go back today, so I guess I can't ask for better then that. This morning she told me that her new school was a lot like her old school. I asked why and she told me because "they both teach me a lot of easy stuff I already know"- I figure that won't last too long, but glad she is ahead instead of behind.
This everyday school thing is something I could really get used to! I am loving having three and a half hours with just Little Little. It really would have been nice last year when Elle was a newborn, but we survived just fine.

I labeled this post "firsts" since Scout had another first in the last few weeks-- ballet.
She has been talking about being a ballet dancer for years and one day last year we were at the park and ran into a girl in our ward that teaches ballet and we started talking and she said, "I don't want to seem creepy or something, but your daughter has got the perfect little ballet body- she's tall, lean and muscular". I told her that I kind of thought that and Scout has expressed interest in ballet, so I thought I would wait until she was 5 and enroll her in Jenny's studio. Jenny's ballet and performing arts portfolio is incredible including Ballet West a lot of other impressive sounding Ballet companies I haven't heard of since I don't follow ballet, and about a million ballet schools including the Berlin Ballet School. She has also danced at Radio City Music Hall with the Rocketts. Her studio, BAC - Barlow Arts Conservatory won Best in Utah 2010, so I think it's safe to say that Scout is in good hands and we are lucky to be friends with Jenny and have gotten to know her.
So, we enrolled her for the fall semester, and when it came time to go to her first class, we had a melt down. She was so scared for whatever reason and just cried that she wished ballet didn't exist. We got in the car to go and she cried herself to sleep:

I had to sit in the studio for most of the class. The first 15 minutes, Scout stood in line with the other girls and refused to move and just scowled. I couldn't decide if I was more annoyed or amused. Finally with the help of Paw Prints Glitter Stars, we got her to loosen up and dance with the rest of the class. She has been gung-ho ever since.

This picture was taken right after class (of course- since she looks happy).
Yesterday a little before dinner she did a ballet stance and asked me what it was. I am very ignorant of ballet positions so I had to tell her I didn't know. She thought about it for a minute and then goes, "oh, it's an anjule' " -I have no idea if I spelled that right, but it was so cute!-.
If I am going to have a ballet dance
r daughter, maybe I should learn a few things.

(For the record, she is 3 for 3 with falling asleep on the way to ballet- guess it's just that time of day for a 15 minute car trip).

We have also started her soccer season, but that is not a first so I will save any news there for another post.


ajmah said...

Scout looks so cute sitting in her classroom!! It looks so fun and friendly in there.

And I love that you've signed her up for ballet. I bet it is right up her alley.

Haley said...

Wow how fun for her. I love her little Scouty antics. I love the two pictures of her doing ballet with her horsy she is so cute. I laughed so hard about her wishing ballet didn't exist! So fun that she has started school! Hope she loves it.

B said...

That skirt turned out great! And that first ballet picture is amazing, she was totally born for that!! She does look pretty freaked out by the mascot too. And I hope Little Little enjoys all of her mommy time. She'll hopefully excel at the school of Baby's Actually Do Crawl.

Emily said...

Today she did a little ballet move she called a "Ron bot mah" I am totally embarrassing myself here, but she is totally picking it up and that delights me so much. I think I better pick up a "ballet dancing for dummies" book or something so I can sound a little educated, and maybe help her a little. I help her practice a few things at home like the splits and straddles. That requires no french.

She is loving school very much and is excited that she gets to go every day. Please last.....

The skirt is pretty cute if I say so myself and I even had enough fabric left to make Elle a little matching one! I see a photo op in their future. Speaking of Elle, she is on her way to perfecting a backwards scoot that seems to get better every time.

Neaners said...

How wonderful that she is doing Ballet! I did it in Chula Vista til I was 12 even making it to point for a few months but didn't do well with that. I loved it though. It is such good exercise and fun to be with other little girls. I can help you with the names of the positions:) Enjoy her journey!

Emily said...

Hooray for Scout! I love that picture of her with the mascot. You'd think they could throw on a t-shirt, hat and a more cartoon-ish head for the kindergartners so they wouldn't think that an actual bobcat/cougar/puma is trying to attack them. Pretty life-like.

Amy said...

I'm proud of her for being brave with all these firsts. And I love that she's taking ballet. I also took several years of ballet in Chula Vista with Jeanine. I really liked it, too. I also took a semester at BYU, so I might be able to help with some terminology. Way to go Scout. She should continue to love school. The first, and sometimes the second, days are the hardest.

Pops said...

I cried the first day of school until the fifth grade. She is doing a lot better than I did at her age. Cute pics.

B said...

I can translate the terminology for you, hehe, as it's pretty much all in French. But you'd have to tell me the words first.


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