Sunday, September 19, 2010

A magical day

Scout - 5

This will require a little background to make sense, but it's funny so I will try to get you guys up to speed. Facts:

1. Yesterday was Elle's birthday.
2. On Scout's birthday (and about the month proceeding), she would decide she could do something (or will be able to do something) that she isn't doing now magically when she is five. Example: "Maybe when I'm five I will like that". When she did indeed turn five, what do you know- she tried it and ended up liking it. It also happened with things like the playground, something she wouldn't dare do, she got a burst of courage upon turning 5, attempted it and did it. For the most part I encouraged this practice since it was like she believed her mind expanded the second she was five and this proved to be a good thing in my eyes.
3. My parents came to town for Elle's bday, and Sue was coming too, and coming early enough to watch Scout's soccer game that day.
4. Scout's best friend Amber had a birthday party yesterday too.
5. We are dog sitting for an older couple in my neighborhood this week and "Chelsea" was due to arrive that morning shortly before the soccer game.

Ok- that should bring you up to speed.

SO- the morning of Elinor's birthday, Elle woke up at about 5 and I fed her in bed and we both fell back asleep. Scout woke up at 7 and apparently went looking for Elle. When she wasn't in her crib, came into our room. I was awakened by a poking finger on my shoulder and a news flash that it was Elle's birthday. When I responded, she went to the other side of the bed and Rob got the same treatment. Then she came back around to my side and approached the now awake Elinor and started in on her. She was convinced that Elle was going to be able to talk like a 5 year old or something. She was so confident that Elle would just repeat everything she said. She goes, "say horse" -silence. She tries again, "say candy cane" -silence. I told her that Elle will need more time and she can't just suddenly talk now and that she is pretty much how she was yesterday, except now she's one. Scout shrugs and trots off.
Later that morning.....
Scout is downstairs and so are me and Elle, I'm getting breakfast for the kids, etc. Scout is excited for the day ahead and jumping around the couch. She goes, "Today is a magical day!! Everything is magical! Grandma and Grandpa are here, Chelsea is coming, Amber's party is here, Aunt Sue is coming to my soccer game, everything is magical today-- except Elinor."

This became the joke of the day. Whenever something went right, or something fun happened or anything really- we would go, "everything is magical!" Then we would turn to Elinor and say, "except Elinor."

Speaking of Elinor's magical day-- look for posts on the subject coming soon.


Amy said...

That's hilarious. Haley had very similar thoughts. I remember one day before Haley's 5th birthday, she wanted to go play at her friend Clint's house. For some reason it didn't work out for that day, but I mentioned that we could probably arrange something after her birthday. She was quiet for a while and said in a sad voice, "I don't think I can fit through their door when I'm 5." Five is such a big milestone for them. Sounds like a fun day, can't wait to hear the details of Elle's birthday.

Emily said...

Ha ha ha! That is so funny! I would have loved to hear Scouts thoughts when Elle didn't start talking. She is such a funny girl. I hope Elle had a happy (and magical) birthday!

Haley said...

Ha ha! Poor Elinor! That's so funny that she had all these high hopes that Elles would just magically start talking. I guess it will be pretty fun for her when she does start talking!

Sue said...

That was a very fun, magical day. I am so glad I went to Scout's soccer game. Scout was so funny. She and I rode home from the game with mom and dad. Scout said we needed to stop by a yard sale so she could get a toy for Elinor. Then she added, and maybe something for me too. We only saw one yard sale sign and it said "Guns and Tools". Oh Utah County.

Pops said...

I'll never see another garage sale or sign and not think of Scout and her suggestion to stop and get a toy for Ells. Funny girl, that Scott. Thanks, Sue, for the laughs the rest of the day about that and other things.


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