Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop Signs

Scout has long been obsessed with stop signs.

Not these:

I'm talking about this variety:

I am not sure, but I think it started with a Blue's Clues episode.

You've already gotten a glimpse of this obsession, remember these from No Snails Allowed in My Mom's Garden
We have had these hanging up outside of our bedrooms for a while now (they are so cute, I can't take them down):They are "no" signs for Lola telling her she isn't allowed in our bedroom and there is one hanging on Scout's bedroom door (she isn't allowed in there either). The happy one is on our bedroom, since Lola is just fine not being in ours, but she is very sad (apparently) that she isn't allowed in Scout's super fun room.
I love the ears.

I bring up the "no" signs today because yesterday she made the cutest (and saddest) one of all. I was in the office, and Elinor had just drifted off to sleep for a little afternoon nap in her bouncy seat next to me and Scout was downstairs watching tv, and I was talking to Rob on the phone. Scout came bursting in saying something loud and I was violently trying to shush her as fast as possible and be on the phone with Rob at the same time. (You know, the frantic silent sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh! With the arms flailing? That was me.) For what ever reason, she wasn't getting it, choosing to ignore me, felt whatever she had to say trumped Elle's nap, take your pick. But I had to keep shhing her and I couldn't really give it my full attention, cause Rob was still talking on the phone. So finally with an angry eeeeeehhhhhhhhrrrr she stomped out of the office. After a few minutes, I finished my conversation with Rob because- surprise! Elinor was awake and also I needed to go see about Scout.
I found her about to hang up this sign on the wall:
This is a "no" Scouts sign. Isn't it sad? She said that I don't want Scout living in this house anymore, so she made this sign and was going to leave. Look at our faces! I am so mad and she is so sad.
So we had a little hug out and a good talk and it must have been good, cause she got up and made a new sign:

That's me hugging her, and she wrote "yes" (well, she sounded it out and came up with "ys").
So this is a "yes" Scout sign. Even though the no sign is so funny (in a sad way),
I much prefer the ys sign.


Haley said...

Oh my gosh, I teared up reading that. She must have been so sad. That's funny though in a sad way. It's funny how personal they take things sometime. I guess their mommy's are their world and if they feel rejected they take it to the extreme. It's sad to think that some kids feel this way a lot and don't get their mom's to explain and hug them and love them. Cute little drawings, I love how she is leaning into you all happy in her yes sign!

Emily said...

You teared up........heehee preggers. It IS sad thinking about her sitting there making that sign, there is a lot of emotion shown in both signs. In the no sign I am pointing with one arm like, "get out!" it's so sad. I hate thinking about the kids that don't get reassurances from their mommies right away, because they are so fragile. This is especially hitting close to home with all this Ethan Stacy stuff happening right now. A story I have to build an emotional bubble around myself to keep from having it consume me with sadness.

Haley said...

What is that, I haven't heard that. Hehe preggers, I know. And it starts...

Emily said...

Oh Haley- it's horrible. What started out Wednesday as a little 4 year old boy visiting his mom (dad has custody in West Virginia)- he was reported missing saying that he walked out of his apartment in the middle of the night- so we were all glued to the tv waiting to see if they found him- search parties of volunteers- you know the drill.... ended up with mom and step dad in jail for murder, child abuse and desecration of a corpse. This is a link to the news story . It is such a horrible ordeal and you just can't stop thinking "holy crap!! He was just visiting. Instead of all this, couldn't you have just sent him back to his daddy......"
I can't even begin to comprehend what has to be so wrong with a mother's brain to allow and participate in such an act on your own little 4 year old son.

Haley said...

That's horrible. What scum bags stoop to never fails to confound me. I just can't understand how you could get that delusional and messed up. It's sick. She will pay and every other person that has ever harmed a child purposefully.

Pops said...

I keep thinking of the Signs of the Times when hearing and reading of acts like this terrible killing. A desolating sickness over the land and mens hearts growing cold etc. Seems like more and more terrible crimes are being commited and it is not just the the news and media is so much faster and better. People are just getting nuts. Get to the temple now and then for some peace. Wow! can't believe I just got so preachy. sorry!


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