Sunday, August 9, 2009

No snails allowed in my mom's garden

That's what this says.

Scout is my little champion and this evening while I made a little dinner, she made this sign on the back porch for me. I swear I haven't even brought up the snails for like a week. They have been a non issue for a while now, as I pulled out the big guns and bought snail poison. They didn't learn their lesson being taken to snail Wyoming and one morning after finding 4 complete plants totally ravaged in one night by my wicked little army, I decided the gloves were off (these were NEW flowers I might add, ones purchased and planted to replace the other row of flowers the snails had consumed that I had planted a few months ago). So, we bought snail poison and let me tell you, there was a snail blood bath in my yard. I will admit that there was far far far more glee then remorse when I saw the carnage. I haven't looked back. I added a couple of these signs to my yard, there was only a small area treated, and I never see animals around our yard, so I wasn't too worried, but thought it was worth making these as a courtesy:

FYI Sue, Home Depot had a product called "sluggo" that claimed to be safe for household pets. It was twice as expensive, so I decided to go with the harmful stuff (which is only harmful for a few days). And FYI Cat, it smelled like beer.

Anyway, I think my sign was the inspiration for Scout's sign, especially since she told me she was going to make a sign for the front yard (which is where the snail problem was, and the signs I made), the other possibility is that we picked our first ripe tomatoes from the garden today and while the snails can mess with mom's plants all right, it suddenly got personal, because NO ONE messes with Scout's tomatoes.
I should note that upon coming inside Rob and I were in the kitchen and heard a yell/scream come from Scout and I investigated and on our back door was a large praying mantis that startled her. She was fascinated after the initial shock,
but anyway here is her sign for the front yard:
This one says "no other animals either".

The "other animals" are in order of picture: cat, dog, snail, praying mantis and bee (I had to cut off bee in the second pic to get a better close up). The bee one is because Rob had a war (and blood bath of his own) on 24th of July weekend. His was with about 6 wasp nests all around our house. One was giant that was like the neighborhood birthing ground for wasps. He watched wasps coming in from all over including the park to see what happened to their larvae. It took him days of work and bottles of spray to get them gone forever. Scout was kind enough to have her daddy's back as well while making the sign.

Her praying mantis just kills me.

I am happy to report that our house is a snail and wasp free environment as of now. We're grudgingly keeping the crickets (for now).


Neaners said...

Great signs! She definitely is entertaining! Glad you are pest free for now especially with Lola coming. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Pops said...

Ha, snail free. Nice, and funny pictures of the signs by the Bean. We have a high crop of grasshoppers in Wyoming this year. The Airport is really crowded with them. We have no snails in our yard. Weather must be just that much harsher for them to develop.

Emily said...

Haha! I just noticed that in my sign I wrote, "treateded" hee hee. Which sign did Scout write again?

Rob told me that grasshoppers are a giant crop everywhere this year. We have very few in our yard (probably on account of all the crickets and the enormous praying mantis spotted today) but the golf course nearby is pandemic. Especially the few holes right against the mountain.

ajmah said...

I'm glad to hear that screaming in fear of praying mantises is genetic in your family. Ah... funny memories.

Emily said...

Haha! I didn't like those two stories together (except when I saw the mantis that day, as I never see one and not shiver about one being in my hair for a half hour).

Emily said...

What is up with Creepy Baby George's eyes lately? They are weird black dots. CREEPY!

ps I was supposed to have typed "link" instead of like on that last comment. Makes more sense that way eh?


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