Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Crib Tale

We had an interesting thing happen last week I thought worthy of sharing. My family was out and about killing time in Orem/Provo, so we decided to hang out at Rob's dad's house so Rob could take a nap and I could search the basement for the last remaining baby things we have stored over there. I located and re boxed all the things we are going to need soon and went back upstairs. Rob had woken up and happen to mention the crib (which was dismantled and in the car port). I went out there to check it out and to make sure all the parts were there and ready for Ells. What I didn't find was all the hardware. We have had to dismantle and move the crib 3 times since Scout was born and I always scooped up all the hardware after Rob took it apart and put it in a baggie, and taped it to some part of the crib. Somehow this step got skipped the last time and I was quite upset. I gave ourselves a lecture on how we need to be more responsible with our stuff (I was thinking about how I had been through every baby stuff box we have and hadn't seen all the bolts, etc.) Anyway, Rob kept swearing he'd seen it somewhere, but I was having none of that, and in all my nesting glory, went down to the computer because I must have this little problem resolved NOW. Well first I went back out to the crib and secured the model number and brand, then googled hardware for it to see about replacing it. What popped up was all this info about how our crib had gotten recalled last summer! Apparently, the wood slats are prone to breaking and 42 children have met injury since it's release (no deaths at present, thank goodness). I find out that you need to take the model stickers off the crib, some crib bumper things, and the hardware, send it to Jardine, and they will send you a voucher for any crib you want at Babies R Us for the highest price your crib was ever sold for.

I went upstairs to share this interesting tidbit of news with Rob, with the nag of the thought that one thing they needed was the stupid hardware. He was surprised by the news and funny enough, was digging through a junk drawer of Dale's and found the hardware right then.

Well, we peeled off the stickers, unscrewed the bumpers they told us to, added the hardware, printed our FedEx labels they sent us, signed a little statement stating that we would never try to use that crib or sell it to anyone ever, and shipped it all off to Jardine. Today I got my voucher, and nows, I gets to go crib shopping for a brand new crib.

I'd now like to point out all the serendipitous things that occurred in my story:

1.) Of greatest importance, Scout didn't meet any sort of demise in her almost two years of sleeping and mistreating the crib.

2.) If I had taped the hardware to the crib like I always did, we would have put it back together none the wiser, and Elinor would be sleeping in that death trap in a few months.

3.) If I wasn't in full nesting mode, I probably would have put off my need to look up ordering new hardware, and Rob would have found it a few minutes later and then see the last part of #2.

4.) If the crib wasn't recalled, I would have Ells in a bit beat up and cherry wood crib (I am not so fond of cherry wood anymore -so 4 years ago-) instead of a cute brand new crib, the color of my choosing.

Ok, the 4th thing is not the biggest deal, but still! Crazy story eh? Kind of makes you want to check some of your baby things and make sure they aren't death traps, because you don't just get this information automatically and that's kind of scary. If any of you have a Jardine crib especially, I would go here, because many models were included in this recall.

Now, we really must say good bye to Scout's crib with some fond memories:

Good bye ol' pal, thanks for not killing Scout.


Pops said...

Hah! Great story and good pics. Just one of many little things the Spirit prompts us to do to help our lives be better. Our challange is to be receptive to the promptings and then to act. Bless your pointy little heads.

Cat said...

That is a crazy story. Love the pictures too. Particularly where Scout's feet are sticking out. Like just sticking them out from under the blankets aren't enough for that one, nope, they've got to be sticking out of the crib too. Love it!

Emily said...

That last sentence may be the funniest thing you've ever written :) And what a story! It's true that you never know how safe things are for our little babies. Scary! Glad Elinor will be safe and sound in a brand new crib!

Haley said...

Wow, that's quite the story! That's awesome that you get to pick out a new crib though. This story makes me scared for the 15 year old crib that Allison is going to be sleeping in.....

Amy said...

Wow! You never know. Who knows how any of us or our children survived. Dad is absolutely right. No accident that everything worked out the way it did. Maybe little Ells will be very active and would have pushed the crib to new limits! good luck!

megandjon said...

This is hilarious! And also a little sad and a little scary and a little inspiring. Everything a good blog post should be!

Also, how are you feeling? You're getting close!!

and another also, those are some cute cute pics.

Emily said...

We have a picture of Scout in her little bassinet at about 2 months old sleeping with her feel uncovered and it made us chuckle (for those who don't know, Rob and I are fairly well known for neither of us being able to sleep with our feet under the blanket, they cannot have socks and they need to be exposed to the elements) we were pleased to see how fast our daughter caught the family bug.
It's also always comforting to see things work out like this, you don't know what could have been in store for you if things had gone how they normally would have gone without divine intervention. In cases such as this, you are very happy never to know what could have been. On the same note, Elinor you might be the death of your mom if you are more active then Scout.
Haley, they just don't make stuff like they used to...... fifteen years ago, cribs were more solid I am sure, let 15 years of good use be a testament to your fine and sturdy crib.
And Megan, I'm feeling good, so good in fact that I totally over did it this week and may have made myself sick. There was just so much to do! and also, I worked at RCC three (very busy) nights in a row.

Haley said...

Yikes, slow down Em! Thanks for the solace Em, I thought the same things after I wrote that. I hope it's true.

Haley said...

Oh and Marcus and I both sleep with feet uncovered and NO socks. I thought it was funny when we got married and I discovered he also did it. I don't know how people can sleep with socks, it makes me cringe!

Neaners said...

Wow Em. Definitely good story and it is true you never know. Great pics of Scout! I love her feet sticking out. Laura did that and hated socks most of the time:) Have fun picking out your new crib for Ells. She will be here so soon! I am thinking about coming out to see her in early October. My friend and I want to take a weekend trip to Zions too:)

Josie said...

LOL so cute!

Ami said...

Great story - and it prompted me to check on the crib that we're using. It was my little brother's and made it through both him and Michael... it looks good for Carolyn, too. (Darnit! I was thinking a new crib might be nice!)

The uncovered feet things make me laugh as I sleep the same way - bare feet sticking out of the covers only. When I was in the hospital in labor with Michael one of the nurses kept covering my feet every time she came into the room. I said something after she did it twice, but it didn't matter - she continued all day. Grrr!

Sue said...

That is a crazy story Em! Crazy how all those little pieces fell in place like that, and you get a new crib! Yay! Those pictures of Scout are so cute! Her little feet hanging out of the crib are hilarious!

I can't wait for little Elinor! Luis and Adriana, the couple across the street from us had a baby boy about two weeks ago, he is so cute! Every time I see him I get all excited for Elinor.

Dan W said...

Cherry wood so four years ago. Too funny! Great story, Em! Neat turn out.

I'm another of the no socks, can't stand covers folk (though I can take them covered when it's really, really cold).

Emily said...

Wow, my eyes are opened about how many people do the feet stuck out of the covers! I knew we weren't alone about the no sock rule, but hadn't heard there was a population who needed their feet exposed to the elements too. Ami-- nurses are all about socks that's what I remember about my few hospital stays too, always trying to get weird bootie socks on me. Speaking of nurses, we would be delighted to have you come stay with us Jeanine, whenever.


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