Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Official.

I am now a bona fide soccer mom....and a proud one at that! Scout is actually good.
Who knew?
A few weeks ago, my friend mentioned that they were doing sign ups for Tiny Tot Soccer for our neighborhood and I decided that would be a fun thing for Scout to do to get a feel for team participation and such. So I signed her up, bought her a little pair of cleats and didn't do much else. Her first game was last night and they had a little 20 minute practice before it started and this was Scout's introduction to Soccer. She didn't know anything about it aside from being able to point out a soccer ball from a line up of balls. She learned a few fundamentals, did some stretches (pictured below), and was thrown to the wolves (by wolves I mean a game comprised of other 4 year old novice soccer players). I don't know what the score ended up being exactly, I do know the "Rainbow Dragons" (Scout's team) got clobbered by the other team (led by some 4 year old wunderkind -either that or he was hopped up on growth hormones-) . Anyway, Scout's team got 4 goals and our very own Bean scored 3 of them! No one was more surprised then Rob and I, I tell you. She IS very competitive, but I guess I wasn't prepared for that quality of hers to manifest productively in competitive sports (call me naive I guess).

She really didn't get it at first and played the first few minutes kind of confused and without direction. Then she got subed and daddy gave her a little pep talk:
After her pep talk, she was put back in the game and wanted to take her unicorn with her. I told her it would get dirty and to leave it with us and Unicorn would watch and cheer for her. So we propped her up on the bag we brought and she watched. Soon after that, Scout scored her first goal and we cheered loudly and she came running to see us and high five us......................... or so we thought. Upon her approach, she beelined it to Unicorn and clapped it's little hooves and gave it a hug and propped it back in place. We had to give our cheers and high fives as an after thought.

Scout and Eli (Eli was the one that scored the other goal).
So here you have the power force behind the Rainbow Dragons

Pre game stretches (as promised)

Lining up during practice to kick the ball

Team huddle.

So, we had a great time and look forward to 6 more weeks of fun. We will most likely have to reign in Scout's competitive qualities (had one mini huff in the middle of the game when she lost the ball), and towards the end sat and cried when she didn't manage to wrangle the ball from growth hormone boy, she also got one mini fat lip during a fall and got kicked in the shins once (we will invest in some shin guards by next week). Good times!
As far as the soccer mom stuff goes, am I a full fledged one if I don't own a mini van, suv, pair of mom jeans, or 8 other kids?


B said...

NO WAY!!!! HAHAHA!!! I love it!!!! I love that Scout high-fived Unicorn first!!!!! That is the best thing ever!!!!! I remember playing 4-year old soccer. Shin guards are a very good thing. And isn't the Cedar Hills soccer mom more like Juicy Coutoure sweatpants, an Escalade, and just a couple of massively un-behaved children?

Pops said...

Hahaha, love it! Good comment B, very funny and Cedar Hillish. Yeah, Emily the soccer Mom. Wow, Scout the star. We will be calling her Mia Hamn soon. Good pics and love the interaction with the unicorn. "There's no crying in Soccer" As you know, quote of Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own. Rock on!

Haley said...

Love it! What a cute little soccer player! Definitely shin guards are a good idea. Looks like lots of fun! Wish we could come watch her play. Perhaps we can persuade you to post a video sometime.

Haley said...

And B you totally nailed it on the Cedar Hills moms, so funny.

Emily said...

Yes, nice portrait of a Cedar Hills mom B- but, you need to add cleaning lady twice a week, and a massive boutique addiction. I took a few short videos with my ipod, but missed the real good plays like Scout kicking the ball across half the field with the other kids running behind her, and kicking it into the goal. Of course during those moments, I had put the ipod back into the bag. Eh. I'll capture it sometime. I will go through what I did get and see if there is anything worthy to post and do it if there is.

Amy said...

Way to go Scout! I love every detail of this story. The unicorn part is great. Did she have any part in naming the team? It sounds very Scoutish. Congratulations, Soccer Mom.

w.v. "hyped"

Emily said...

Her suggestion was "The Unicorns" which got poopooed by the boys. They then settled on "dragons", which made everyone happy. Then came choosing a color. No one liked orange, even though that is their team color. None of them could decide on a color- they all wanted a different one- (you know how incredibly important colors are to 4 year olds) So the coach suggested "rainbow" because that encompassed all the colors. And so it was.
Their coach is a girl that (my best guess) is in early high school. She's really cute and toward the end of the game turned around and said, "this is the funnest thing ever!"
Anyway, I like her coach.

Amy said...

That's so cute!

ajmah said...

That is just the coolest/cutest thing ever. Go Scout!!

Pops said...

Let's hear some more sports reporting about her games.

Emily said...

I didn't report last week cause she played terrible and Rob told her she couldn't come home if she didn't win.
Actually, Soccer was canceled due to a SNOW STORM! Lousy stinkin weather. I need to let it go since it is so beautiful today.

And for the record Rob told her the first week not to bother to come home if she didn't win. He said it when she was out of ear shot (just to make me laugh).

Pops said...

Hahaha...don't bother to come home if you don't it. What a soccer family. Glad the weather is better. It's cold and windy here today. It better get warmer by friday as I have some golf to play.

Emily said...

Hope you get your golf game in today pops.

Scout had her second game yesterday and she didn't disappoint! She scored 2 goals and her team 3 altogether. We played a team that was mostly made up of members of our ward (including her cousin Bensen) so there were a lot of people I know cheering on the other side of the field, including the bishop. Anyway, Scout not only scored goals (both in the second half), she was blocking and intercepting like crazy! She ran ahead of a boy kicking the ball toward his goal, circled around and nabbed the ball from in-front of him! Also, when she had control of the ball, she would do the protective stance by straddling the ball until she felt she had control and then would go for it- I could hear people cheering for her from the other team's cheering section. It was even FREEZING and she was so cold, but when that whistle blew, she wouldn't let a few shivers get in the way of her game. Rob couldn't make it until the middle of the 3rd quarter and he soon went over to the other side to chat with his cousin and watched the game from there. Elle and I joined them a few minutes later and apparently, Scout was the talk of the other side. Everyone was taken with her game. One of the dad's said, "I'm having a hard time not cheering for Scout!" (Even though his son was playing on the other team).

So, it's looking like Scout inherited her father's athletic abilities (cause this certainly did not come from me!)


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