Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creep and Conan

Radiohead - Creep (Conan O'Brien 1993) from Guillermo Delicia on Vimeo.

I've always loved the fact that Radiohead was Conan O'Brien's first musical guest on his first show, but I had never seen it. Green Plastic posted it today making me very happy! I loved watching it and the band, and it's always fun to see how much bands have changed and evolved (and what stays the same).
Anyway, enjoy! Enjoy Thom's hair, the cars in the background, Jonny's guitar, enjoy Thom and Conan standing next to each other at the end (heehee), but most of all, enjoy watching Thom sing Creep at a time when he seems to still be passionate about the song.

Ps I watched the last Conan O'Brien Show with a secret hope that Radiohead would make a surprise appearance. You know- to kind of bookend the show, I wouldn't have hoped with any degree of anticipation if it wasn't for the fact that I knew that Thom was in LA at the time.
Alas, they didn't, but it's hard to be disappointed when Neil shows up instead.


Cat said...

That was sweet! Holy Nigel Tuffnel hair, though! I've never seen Thom's hair like that. Even in 1993.

Emily said...

HAHA! I had to look up who Nigel was and laughed when I did. I've seen his hair like that in one other video and one picture. I don't think it lasted too long once fame hit. He is pretty heavy into fashion and changes his hairstyle a lot.
Thanks for commenting! I am usually greeted with a strong case of the crickets when I do a Radiohead post. Doesn't deter me though-


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