Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Neil

Around 11:45 on the night before my birthday, Rob casually asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told him that a replacement ipod would be nice. At exactly midnight I laid back down from sucking snot out of my little baby's nose and landed on something hard. Thinking it was the remote, I reached to get it and instead of the remote, it was a new shiny ipod. You see, Rob has a VERY hard time waiting to give gifts. Gifts burn holes right through his pockets, so waiting until midnight was the best he could do- at least it was technically my birthday. He got me the new talking kind because he said my obituary was one huge hint. Not so! It's not my fault my old ipod died the week before my birthday, and I only mentioned the new talking kind because I went on to see how much a replacement shuffle was going to set us back and I noticed they don't even sell the old style anymore. My dad suggested I name her Neil and I thought that was a grand idea since writing an obituary for a nameless ipod was a little awkward.
Neil is pretty swanky, she (and this one is definitely a she since she talks to me) is controlled by the head phones and if I hold the play button down she tells me the name of the song and the artist, if I hold it down longer, she lists all the playlists and podcasts I have downloaded and I click again when she names one I'd like to listen to. I didn't use to keep a lot on ol greeny since I would have to wade through every song to find what I want. Now I get to keep as much as I'd like on my shuffle, it's genius. It has also prompted me to come up with some creative playlist names because I like to hear Neil say them, it makes me giggle.

Thanks babe- love you forever


Amy said...

I'm happy you got a new one. Neil sounds like a very good new friend.

Sue said...

Yay Neil! I'm confused by how it is controlled by the headphones. Please explain.

Also, if you guys happen to have an extra dock to the old kind, could you pass it along? I still have the one from Rob that a puppy chewed through, and it seems whenever I get it to the right place, one of my cats messes with it. If you don't, no sweat. Cam is wondering what to get me for Christmas, and I might just want a new talky Ipod shuffle.

Emily said...

We do have an extra old timey shuffle dock and you are welcome to it, it's just cluttering up our computer desk.
With the new one, the only thing you control on the actual ipod is the on off switch. You can barely see on the picture that includes the headphones a little white tube thing. That is the control (which they call a remote, so it must just be a little remote attached to the phones. On either end of it is a vol up and down and the center of it controls everything else (play, pause, ff, rew, talky talky). My only trepidation is that I tend to go through headphones fairly quickly and I imagine these will be quite a bit more to replace then regular ones. So I am treating them extra extra tender so they will hopefully last a long time. Besides that, I fully recommend this new generation, and it may not be a bad gift since we got those ipods at the same time and mine pooped out and it didn't even spend the winter under an iceburg.


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