Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We blessed Elinor at church this week. My sister Amy and her husband Scott and 2 of their kids came down (Annie and Kyle), along with my mom and brother Matt and his wife B. We were joined by Amy's daughter Sarah (attending BYU), and my cousin Dan and his wife Lorri and daughter Hope drove out from Tooele to attend. Elinor's grandpa Pugh also drove out from Orem to see and help bless her. Glad to everyone who came out despite the snow storms that littered the weekend (especially Sun morning)! Ells had a nice little blessing even if she cried through most of it. Little stinker is the quietest little thing and never makes a peep or protest unless she is hungry and guess who got hungry 5 minutes before blessing time? Oh well, daddy held her as far from the microphone as possible and her cries didn't reach it, therefore you couldn't tell she was the one that was crying (I could as the mom of course), but it wasn't obnoxious and loud in the mic at least. It was fun seeing all that came out, thanks for the support, we appreciate you all! It's always fun to have you out to visit and to fill our house with lots of laughs (Lola got the biggest laughs Friday night with her lerpyness and stretch sessions).

Me and the brood

The whole gang

Just the little one

Just the ruffly bum
(I couldn't resist)

Insight as to why Uncle Scott called her KKK baby once (or twice)


Haley said...

KKK baby! He would, so funny!! She looks absolutely adorable! Love the ruffly bum! Sorry we missed it. Is that the same dress Scout wore or a different one?

Amy said...

The pictures turned out great. I can't get over how bright and sparkly her eyes are. She's so cute and I never heard the KKK comment! I would have hit him! Thanks again for letting us invade your home! We had fun...and yes, Lola was so funny, but Matt's reaction to her was even better. Another Matt spooning session!!!

Pops said...

Nice posting, Ems. Els is so cute and the pics are beautiful. Sorry again that I missed it. What is that all about....Matt's reaction to Lola? Spooning session? Would you believe that I haven't seen Lola yet. She is getting so big. I wish chester would get over the biting and nipping stage.

Emily said...

Matt just loved Lola so much and was cuddling her and said something like- this is so cool! You have a dog you can spoon with!

Emily said...

Looks like you had a great time. I love the expression on Elinor's face in the KKK picture. She looked so delighted! I also love that first picture from your dinosaur/festival of trees post. Yes. Fresh as a daisy! hee hee.
My word verification is "explen" as in "could you explen that to me again?"


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