Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Elinor

This is an example of what we fondly call "Elly Beans" it's the wind down before bedtime.

It often involves a move Scout perfected at that age called "motorcycle leg" but in this video, you mostly get "riding the trike". Sometimes daddy is glad there isn't a trike attached to her, as he points out she would be in St. George by now. Combined with the hand movements, we like to think she would do well in one of those giant robots controlled inside by a tiny something with all kinds of pulleys etc to make the robot do things.When she is wearing these dunglees (which are being retired today *sniff* before she busts a snap) daddy calls her "points" since the feet aren't really feet they just are sewn into points adding to the charms of these favorite dunglees of mine.

Did you think she is known as "The Chunky Monkey" because of her cute Buddha belly and darling rolls of baby fat? Well, you'd be wrong, she got her nickname because if mommy looks at the folds of skin on her neck she more often then not finds this:

Love that little girl of ours.


Amy said...

Cute little thing! Sad you have to retire those cute dunglees. It's always a sad thing to do.

Sue said...

She is so cute I can't stand it! I just watched the video 5 times, and I will probably watch it many many more times. I need to babysit again soon please.

Emily said...

I've watched that video a lot today too and she's with me! Rob reminded me that we settled on a big wheel that she is riding, not a trike.
I'll have to think of a reason for you to babysit soon. I am taking the girls to the Festival of Trees on Saturday afternoon if you have any interest to meet us there. I would fully understand if you didn't, I figure Cam will be home, but you would be more then welcome to join us if you feel like it. I haven't been in over ten years and I think Scout will get a big kick out of it and Ells always enjoys a twinkly light.

Emily said...

And boo to putting away things they outgrow!-- especially the first few little things. They are always the cutest (usually since they are the littlest).

Sue said...

I just watched the video a few more times. Her motions are so jerky it almost seems like stop animation.

I might just join you at the Festival of Trees. Sounds like Cam is not coming home this weekend. We will know for sure tomorrow. And if I do meet you there, could you please bring that extra shuffle dock you have? I am just about to mess with the one I have and see if I can get it to work.

Emily said...

That'd be great if you came! And I will most certainly bring the dock. We are planning on arriving about 10:45.
Her jerky movements are the product of a less then fully developed central nervous system. They just add to the cuteness.

Sue said...

I love the jerky movements. I don't know if I should meet you tomorrow morning or not. I came home from work today and Tosh had gone diarrhea all over my living room! Like 8 times! I need to keep an eye on him and perhaps take him to the vet in the morning. I'm going to have to see how tonight and early tomorrow morning go. Give me a call before you leave and I'll let you know what's going on.

Emily said...

Eeeehhhhhhhhhhhh, feel bad for Tosh, but I think I feel more bad for you and what your Friday night must have entailed. Hope you can make it and hope Tosh feels better. I'll give you a call around 10 tomorrow-- happy scrubbing!


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