Friday, December 19, 2008

Crazy Psychic Scout

So, Scout has exactly two wrapped presents under the tree at this time. One is a My Little Pony by the name of Rainbow Dash, the other is a new little porcelain tea set.
Not this tea set, but you get the idea..

At about 7 this morning, Scout comes into my room and said, "mom, there is another Rainbow Dash! Now I have two Rainbow Dashs and they can have a tea party!!" (She got a miniature one in her happy meal early this week, a rainbow dash that is)
My heart sinks and I said, "Scout! Did you open up the presents that are under the tree?" She said yes and I hop out of bed chastising her with the intention of confiscating them and re wrapping them.

I go downstairs and I was surprised to find the two presents exactly where they have been, neatly wrapped under the tree. Confused I go in her room, and she has her old plastic tea set all set out and her My Little Ponies poised to have a great party.
What kind of crazy coincidence is that?? She likes her tea set, but hasn't played with it in weeks. I told Rob the craziness about a half hour ago and he said that he took her to McDonald's last night (surprise surprise, mom was at work) and he told me that Scout got another little Rainbow Dash. So, she really did get another Rainbow Dash and they really were having a tea party, just not at all like I was imagining. I have no explanation as to why she answered yes when I asked her if she opened the presents, except that sometimes she just answers my questions affirmatively thinking that's what I want to hear.



Sue said...

My little Pony's and tea sets? What is she a girl?

So let me get this straight. She is calling Rob mama alligator? And does she really add with tiny hands? That is so cute!

Emily said...

I totally think that preschool is turning her into a girl. She talks all the time about girl toys and boy toys. Don't worry though, she still spends a lot of time with her cars and trains and animals of course!

Yes, Rob was mama alligator last night. He was watching the Ute game while I was cleaning up after dinner and then on the computer talking to you about weed breath. She told me she was baby alligator with tiny hands. I never got an explaination. She was crunching up grocery store adds and putting them under a funnel baking them. That's all I know.


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