Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Inwhich We Discover That Daddy Polar Bears are Much Like Scout's Daddy

Scout - 3

Today, Scout and I were watching Planet Earth (Ice World one) and we were watching that heartbreaking story where the father polar bear goes seal hunting for his starving family (and winds up stabbed by a walrus --nature is a mean, mean mistress). Luckily, Scout doesn't process all of these facts yet.
Anyway, the daddy polar bear is swimming in the ocean on his way, and Scout says, "mama polar bear is going to get some food"

I said, "actually, that is daddy polar bear."
So Scout says, "Oh, daddy polar bear is going to get some chicken and fries?"

Chicken and fries is about the only food Rob provides for Scout on the one day a week I am working.


Sue said...

That is so funny! Chicken and Fries!!! That was so funny when Scout suddenly yelled that out when we were in Rock Springs.

eliza said...

Oh that's funny!

Ami said...



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