Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorry Art Garfunkel

This didn't happen today, but Rob and I remembered it today and started laughing and Rob asked me if it was in the Journal Of Funnies and I said no, and we agreed I better add it.

Some months back, while I was busily adding cds into my itunes, cds were stacked all around the computer. At the same time, Scout had some little jewel stickers that kind of looked like rhinestone kind of things, I think I had bought them for her quiet book and didn't end up wanting them. They kept cropping up in places and one night while I was elsewhere (work?) I THINK it was Rob who stuck a red rhinestone on Art Garfunkel's nose (it could have been Scout, but I am leaning towards Rob). Anyway he said, "Look Scout! It's Rudolph!" And she goes, "no daddy, that's a clown."This is the album (and picture) it was.

I would really love to photoshop a rhinestone on here so you guys can see exactly how funny this was but I don't currently have photoshop as we just got an updated computer. As it is, this may be a watered down version of a very funny observation by Scout. Oh well, it will always make Rob and I laugh.


Sue said...

That is so funny Em! It totally had to be Rob who did it! I can picture him doing it. And Scout calling Garfunkle a clown is the best! I can't wait to see her tomorrow!

Emily said...

I'm glad you found it funny because after finishing it and re-reading it, it didn't have the same impact as seeing Gafunkle with that rhinestone. I wondered if other people would find it funny. Glad you did.

Sue said...

I can picture it. I've seen those rhinestone pictures your talking about. And I can see why Scout would call him a clown because of his crazy hair! It would have been nice to see it in person though.

Sue said...

I meant rhinestone stickers.


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