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What Emily's Been Watching Nov/Dec

In true end of year fashion, I totally dropped the ball. BUT in true new year fashion, I have made an effort to write down my movies as I watch them so I don't forget. Speaking of movies, I have been a busy little movie watching bee this month, so my Jan list will make up for this list where I can hardly remember anything I saw.  I have been inspired by end of year best of lists and my need to catch up on last years movies, combined with a chest cold that has messed with my energy levels cruelly.  But I guess that is all stuff for next month (or the next week or two).  So here are the movies I can remember watching these last few months (If anyone remembers me watching something I forgot or if you saw something with me, speak up and I'll add it)--
Also........ I am going to be pretty brief and not get into them too much.  Basically, I just want to get this post done and out of the way.

SOURCE CODE (2011)  [PG-13]  action/thriller.  Rob and I actually sat down together and watched a movie.  A very rare event these days with school.  I found this movie interesting and enjoyable.  It is a good one to watch when you want some action combined with a mystery that has you trying to figure out how it is all going to end up.  Not a thinking movie with some great moral you will think about for a week, it is more just cleverly put together and interesting while it's on.  Has a pretty good little twist ending too.  I could give a little explanation of the plot, but I just watched the trailer, and it explains everything I would have, so just watch that if you want to know.  Yes, I'm in a lazy mood.   Emily recommends this one for it's pure entertainment value, for when that mood strikes you.

THE MUPPETS (2011) [PG]  comedy/family.  I come from a family that appreciates The Muppets.  We have all been life time fans.  So, when Jason Segal made a muppet movie, we made it into an event.  We went together over the Thanksgiving week.  My mom, dad, brothers Matt and Ben, Matt's wife B, and sisters Sue and Cat and Cat's son Booker.  Plus my two girls (Rob had a conflict, but he isn't as into them as the rest of us).  Anyway, we had a great time.  The movie was a lot of fun, the muppets were funny, the songs were enjoyable and catchy.  They did a fine job trying to relaunch the muppets into society again. The muppets have been scattered and are urged to reunite by a super fan (who is also a muppet but happens to be Jason Segal's brother (no explanation given on how that worked.  None needed though if you ask me)  So they travel around gathering muppets from where they have been for the last 15 years or so (Gonzo is a successful business man, Animal is in therapy. and has been conditioned not to say the word "drums') My favorite part though, was looking over at Elinor on Sue's lap with her eyes big as saucers seeing her much loved muppets in giant form before her.  She was in heaven.  I also enjoyed how the movie repeatedly broke the 4th wall- it was a great device that kept me laughing (as did gonzo's arm that wouldn't stop winding for the last half of the movie- Scout and I still laugh at that).  Emily recommends this movie especially to the old muppets fans- it was made for us.  Kermit sings Rainbow Connection again if you need more endorsement.

SUPER 8 (2011) [PG-13] sci-fi/thriller.  Another movie made for nostalgia seekers around my age.  This movie was made by Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams.  Abrams wanted to make a movie that brought back the feel of the old child adventure movies of the 80s, such as Goonies and Stand By Me.  I think he definitely succeeded on a certain level.  Some parts of it really felt like those old movies, other parts not so much.  I really liked it and was glad I saw it.  It was cute and pretty good little story.  I loved the movie the little boys were making, it amused me very much.  The train crash was pretty exciting if not entirely believable (I mean, there is no way all that would happen to a crashing train)- but hey, it made for an exciting few minutes.  Emily recommends this one too -especially if you have a fondness for those old 80's movies, if you do, you will probably get a kick out of it.

LIMITLESS (2011) [PG-13] sci-fi/thriller.  Saw this one in Wyoming with much of the fam on The Phister's giant couch.  I was not prepared to be interested at all, in fact- I was prepared to use it as nap time.  Instead I was sucked in and watched the whole thing.  It's about a guy that takes a pill that opens up the parts of the mind we normally don't always have access to.  It made him incredibly smart in all areas of life, then would wear off.  He ends up with a giant supply of them and lots of stuff happens.  That's about it really.  It was shot with overly vivid colors and my mom couldn't get over Bradly Cooper's eyes no matter how many times we told her they were color enhanced.  That is a lot of what I remember of the film.  Emily recommends this movie if you happen to have it playing in front of you.  I think it is pretty forgettable, so don't rush out to see it or feel like you need to make a lot of effort to see it.  But if it happens to be playing in front of your eyes, you will probably find it interesting enough to watch. 

Wow, that is a weird list.  Not only are they all from this year, they are comprised almost entirely of sci-fi thrillers.  Not typical, but an enjoyable time at the movies I had.


-I also rewatched Sherlock, my niece Adri has wanted to see it and knew I'd be good for a watch, so we Netflixed it over Christmas and she loved it.

-The fam watched Young Frankenstein on Christmas day too (that is the Pugh fam by the way).

-My late night Netflix choice du jour has been Fraiser.  I've never watched the entire series back to back and am finding a fair amount of episodes I have never even seen.  I LOVE Fraiser, in my top few favorite shows of all time and Niles is probably my third favorite tv character ever (behind Rob and Laura Petrie).  Funny, I have never liked Cheers, but Fraiser totally does it for me.  I love the smart humor and Fraiser's pompishness and just about everything about Niles.

Buffy update:
Finished season two and a lot of three.  Having a great time with it and watched some massively enjoyable episodes.  Interested to see where this thing goes.  (I'm further along then that as I write this, but wasn't at the end of December).

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