Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Scoutiness VII

I was in the shower one morning and Scout pops her head into the bathroom and calls out, "mom, I am going to go golfing in the backyard and pretend that I am Scooby Doo and that I am in Scotland".  "Ok"  I answer back not thinking a whole lot about it.  To be honest, this isn't such a weird sentence to come out of Scout's mouth.  Pretty routine actually.  I did check it all out when I was dry and dressed and was delighted by the scene I saw:

Slight clothing malfunction here, but I was actually impressed she was able to figure that kilt out by herself.

 Scout lost her first tooth last month:
This one was followed by the other bottom front.  Rob and I have consequently found something out about Scout:  She is a total WIMP when it comes to pulling out her teeth.  She eventually let us pull the teeth out, but not before they were hanging by the smallest thread and the new tooth is growing quite big and shark like behind them.  She is currently speaking with an ever so slight and cute lisp.  Very understated, but noticeable.

Here is just a sample of some afternoon play:

She set up a beach scene with a large number of small animals.  Each has their own towel and each one is doing something different.

Here is a closeup, cause the charm is in the details.

I had to get a picture of these guys, they were the center of play for at least 3 days.  It is a little crocodile and an otter.  They had many adventures together including going on safari, driving bulldozers, visiting Nessie at Loch Ness (all done while dressed very spiff in their bowler hats).  I wish I could remember their names, but it's been too long.  Scout will remember I'm sure.

Here we have a mask she made so she could be a more convincing caracal.  I just thought it was cute and thought it was worth noting that the markings on the mask are accurate.  Also note that the mask is just taped directly to her face.  (This was a less complicated option to string or elastic.)
Yes, I know she has giant holes at the knees, but you come over and throw away her beloved pink animal dunglees! 

This is just a little blurb that doesn't have a picture to accompany it:

She walks in to where I am and asked me to tell her something that I have always wanted and now have- so I tell her a husband I love and two of the cutest little girls ever.  She goes- 
"No. That thing doesn't fit in my air-hawke basket".  

(I later learned that she was pretending that an old Easter basket was being carried by a remote control helicopter she has been wanting since she saw a commercial for it weeks before.  A few days later she told me (after I asked her to hand me something) that if she had that helicopter, she could fly it over to me.  Obviously, she has some great shines to get her hands on one of these things and have it do stuff for her and also, it could bring me stuff I really want- nothing like a husband and kids though it would have to be stuff that can fit in the basket).   
I just really get a kick out of trying to imagine what goes on in that little mind of hers and when I do, the imagry can really make me laugh................ and her with that helicopter really does it for me.

Last month when Matt and B came down for that Bright Eyes concert, they were greeted (I am very sad I didn't get a picture of this) by Scout on the porch sitting on an office chair with a cardboard box desk, wearing devil horns with a giant book for her ledger.  She said she was making contracts.  Before you (as did Matt and B) think they were about to sign their souls to the devil, you should note that the horns were there because she was being a buffalo and devil horns were the only horns we have.  
(Being a buffalo had nothing to do with the contract business she was doing, it was just happenstance- she IS Scout so really, no further explanation should be necessary.)

Here is the list of people that were to get contracts that evening:

Here is Matt and B's (Bee's) contract:

Rough translation:  We will have a time we will remember

This is my contract:
Translation: About giving Scout hugs and kisses: you can and you may

About dad loving me: you can and you may. (But no slops on the head).

We aren't exactly sure what a slop on the head is, but we are pretty sure she has yet to get one from her father, and well- now, he is contractually obligated to make sure she doesn't.

That next day, she was asking us all to tell her what we want to get as presents or just anything we wish we had.  It was easier to just come up with something and let her stay busy drawing.  I don't remember everything, but Matt got a skateboard, B got a new dress, and I got a new dress too, a new car, a trip to Mexico (I just said a trip somewhere and she picked Mexico), and I also got a robot maid that did all my chores (I was getting desperate coming up with things).  While the robot maid picture was awesome, (very Jetson's "Rosie", but had one red laser eye), my favorite turned out to be the ipad I asked for:

She drew "angry birds".

In case you were wondering, this was done with blogger's new format.  
YAR that was annoying!  I am sure it looks totally screwy, but I did the best I could and had a heck of a time moving pics around.  They better smooth the bugs out of this, or they are going to have some majorly irate bloggers.  
I didn't dare switch back mid post either from fear that I would lose my work.  So apologies for the weirdness, if it annoys you to read, take it up with blogger. 
You can and you may.


Cat said...

So great! And Em, Scout looks a lot like you in that first picture.

Haley said...

Yeah she looks so old in that picture! Oh man, I think this is one of my favorite Scout posts ever. She is just too funny. I love the "you can and you may." Hahaha. I also particularly love the one animal laying down on his towel reading a book.

Sue said...

I love Random Scoutiness posts! This is a great one. She does look a lot like you Em in that first picture. She looks like Matt in that picture too.

The contracts are the cutest thing ever. I bet Matt and Bee (haha) laughed so hard when they pulled up and saw her sitting there at her desk with her devil/buffalo horns on. How did you not get a picture of that???

Emily said...

"You can and you may" became a repeated sentence in our house that week. You can work it into more conversations then you might think. I don't know where she got her knowledge of contracts. But she seems to have a pretty good understanding of them where ever it was.
I never sat and thought she looked like me in that pic, but I do think she looks pretty old.
I don't know why I didn't get a picture of her at her desk. She waited out there for Matt and B for hours and I thought of taking one and sending it to them, but didn't want to make them feel guilty or pressure to get here sooner so I didn't and didn't take a pic. She knew they were still a ways away, but was determined to wait out there for them anyway. She kept busy though. By the time they got there I thought of it again, but it was pretty dark and figured it would look crappy. Should have anyway. Chalk it up to poor judgement.

Oh and I love the dog reading the book. I love that the book is a Cheerio's coupon and she keeps it with her toys, cause her toys wind up reading fairly often.

Emily said...

Excuse me, that's a lion.

rory said...
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