Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well, most of it anyways.

My favorite part is that it has made the neck that much more kissable.

(The broccoli on the forehead adds a nice effect, eh?)


Amy said...

Cute haircut! It's always a little sad, but it looks good. I love the picture of her staring at Ernie.

Cat said...

It's amazing what a haircut can do. She looks so much older! She looks so much like Scout in the second one.

Emily said...

I love the haircut. It's kind of got a little 60's London model vibe. I think you're right Cat, she does look like Scout in that picture and she just happens to be looking at her too.

Emily said...

ps it looks a bit better when it doesn't have broccoli fettuccine alfredo in it.

Sue said...

I love the haircut! Did you do that yourself Em? She does look a lot like Scout in that second picture. I'm happy to see that she is playing with those Sesame Street Fisher Price figures I gave you. Cam will be happy to know she is enjoying some of his childhood toys.

You and Rob need to go out on a date in Salt Lake so I can babysit the girls.

Long Island Girl said...

She's so cute.



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