Monday, July 11, 2011

What Emily's Been Watching, June Edition

I am afraid that June yielded very little down time. Moving is a busy busy business. Movies were just not on my mind, but I still managed to see two:

Water For Elephants (2011) [PG-13] Drama. I got a text one Friday night from a friend of mine, she was wondering if anyone out there wanted to see the late movie that night. After a week of packing, stress, and disappointment, it sounded like a great thing to do, so I was on board. It turned out that we were the only ones that ended up making it. The movie was actually pretty good. I had low expectations to tell you the truth and really didn't know much at all going into it. I knew it was based on a book, involved a circus, and had Edward in it. Because of my limited knowledge on the movie, I had two good surprises: 1. it involved an elephant (shouldn't have been a surprise given the title, but I still didn't expect getting to watch an elephant do cute elephant things) (for those of you that don't know, elephants are my very favorite animal and I absolutely LOVE watching them). 2. Christoph Waltz was in it. Waltz is a seriously interesting actor to watch. He caught the attention of everyone that ever watched Inglourious Basterds. He owned that movie and got himself a very well deserved Oscar and Golden Globe. Quentin, where ever you found that dude- well done, sir. Anyway, back to the elephant movie, he played a villainous part in this one too, with similar creepy, uncomfortable moments. Typecast? Perhaps. He may have tipped the scales of evil in this one though, cause he has some really cruel moments beating a sweet, undeserving elephant. Nazis and elephant beaters. What is left? I suppose he could always play Satan himself.
So anyway, the movie was something I probably never would have seen on purpose, but I am actually glad I saw it, cause I enjoyed myself and enjoyed the movie. The best part of the evening though was talking to my friend until at least 3 that morning in her car. We both agreed that was better for our souls then any movie. Sometimes life hands you mutual beneficial moments that you didn't expect, but are very grateful for. I was even able to be cheerful all day that next day for Scout, (it was her birthday). Emily can recommend this movie to most people. Especially if you have a rainy afternoon ahead of you and it happens to be handy. Don't feel like you have to run out and rent it or anything though.

Wow, that was a terrible and cheesy trailer. Did you see the elephant do a headstand though?

Just Go With It (2011) [PG-13] I guess it's a romantic comedy. This movie was born of a spontaneous visit to a redbox after buying some groceries, knowing I had a huge pile of papers I needed to sort through at home in an effort to pack our desk area, and doing that while watching a movie, seemed like a nice idea. I really hadn't heard anything about the movie, but saw Adam Sandler and read the little blurb about it and decided it was my best option. Best option or not, it was pretty sucky. I might have laughed once or twice, but it really was stupid and not in a Billy Madison way. Just lame. It certainly wasn't the worse movie I have ever seen, probably not even the worse one this year (Gigantic keeps that title for now), but it was not good my friends.Although, to be fair, I did get the papers sorted and will admit that it helped pass that time. You're probably better off watching something else out of that redbox, be wiser then I, there has to be a better option in there.

Well, didn't really get this one out too early in the month did I? Believe it or not, life is actually slowing down a little, so there is hope for my blog yet.

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