Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Love Letter to Ikea

Dear Ikea,

This is my baby:

She's a nice little girl. Mild mannered, happy, funny.

Here she is again, eating a harmless Cheerio:She is a sweet little thing, but she has a condition. Neurologically, she struggles. She struggles to use her hands like other babies do. She has one thing down pretty good- and that is eating. I am so proud of how well she eats and the variety of foods she eats and how well she handles big bites and different textures. She is a champion chewer. She will chew something forever until she knows she can swallow it. She never chokes because she won't try to swallow something she can't handle. But anyway, that is really neither here nor there. What I really wanted to tell you is that yes, she is a great eater........ but I never said that her excellent self feeding skills didn't come with a price.

This is my baby eating:

This is what I clean up 3 times a day. It's ok, because she is a little angel all the time and doesn't get into things she shouldn't cause she can't crawl or walk. She is a 22 month old toddler that stays where I put her (try to find another one of those easily). So, I can handle cleaning up after her meals, like I said, I am just thrilled that she can feed herself so well.
The real problem lies with her clothes. She LOVES pasta so much and that as you certainly know, comes with a red sauce that stains. Even if it isn't pasta sauce, it is something else all over her clothes. Breakfast is easy, I make sure she is still in her dunglees (that is our word for pj's, I'm sure you have those in Sweden), then after breakfast I dress her for the day. Dinner is ok too for the most part- I can change her into her dunglees after dinner. Lunch, however is always a problem. Sometimes I do what I did in one of the pics and take her shirt off. WHY did I struggle with this problem day in and out? Because this:
is what passed for a bib in my house until I made a recent visit to your fine store. These bibs served Scout just fine, but Elinor laughed at these bibs and showed me what a fool I was for even putting them on. While shopping at your store, I came across this:I was just wondering........HAVE YOU MET ELINOR? Cause I am thinking that you made these bibs especially for her. Full sleeves and a pocket? Are you kidding me? What a wonderful product you have made. You have solved a huge problem in my life and have saved many a shirt and pant.
I am telling you- it is perfectly clean under there!!!!!



Ms. Emily Pugh

P.S. I was wondering if you can make a similar item for my walls and floors.

Just asking.


ajmah said...

Em, you are awesome! And so is Ikea. They are pretty smart arent' they... we love Scandinavians.

Amy said...

Great letter. I'm glad you got one. I was with you when you saw it, and you were so excited. So happy it worked. Love the pictures.

megandjon said...

laugh out loud! i had to spell it out because i really meant it! i was really wondering where you going with the letter but that was funny funny. also, i have never seen those and i want one. i would have thought it was an art smock, not a bib. the swedes are brilliant!


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