Friday, June 3, 2011

Elle REALLY on the move (sort of.........and with the help of a giant contraption)

Elles got a walker this week from her physical therapist. The fit didn't end up being good (she is unhappy about how her armpits are positioned), but we are keeping and practicing with this one until she finds something better.

So far, Elle is less then fond of it. She starts crying within about 5 minutes of being in it.
Maybe it's the pressure of being able to move now.
Maybe it's the pressure on her armpits.
Maybe actually moving is a bit frightening.
Maybe it is the chest cold accompanied by two ear infections.

At any rate, we are practicing for a few minutes a day.
Scout thinks it is fantastic. Could it be the running horse?

I know the horse plays a part, but I think it is mostly because when Elle isn't in it, it is a great car for foxy.

Best I could do in ways of a smile.
(It's kind of unsure and verging on freak out, but she is trying anyways.)

Go, Elles go!!!!


The Holdaway Family said...

She looks great in it! Hopefully the PT can find a better fitting one and maybe she'll be happier with it! Go Elles go!

Cat said...


Amy said...

She'll probably get used to it and hopefully will enjoy being able to move around. Loved Foxy getting rides, too. I saw that horse sticker and immediately thought how much Scout must like that!

B said...

Oh cute little thing! She looks very apprehensive, but it's so adorable to see her body in full standing position. Hope she gets a better fit and feels better soon!

Long Island Girl said...

Love, love, love the nervous smile. She's a trooper!



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