Thursday, December 16, 2010

That WOULD be a miracle

Scout 5 1/2-

I don't remember what led to me telling Scout the entire story of Jesus on the way to ballet yesterday, but she asked me to, so I did. I started with His birth and went on from there. When I got to the part about how He healed the sick, blind, and lame, she took that in and then said, "maybe He could touch Elinor so she could walk".

I swear that girl thinks of everything.


Haley said...

HAHAHAHA!! Oh man that's funny.

VW: flart GROSS!

Amy said...

Cute story of child-like faith.

Pops said...

Oh, I love that story. So cute, yet, "Out of the mouth of babes". We all could learn a thing or three from Scout.

Cat said...

That is too funny! But Elinor is neither lame, nor sick. She just runs on her own schedule.


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