Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm not sure about this whole thing

Scenario Scout came up with today: (5 1/2)

Pretend that I am a baby tiger and you are my owner and I am eating blood soup (she's really eating tomato soup). Pretend that you found me in the safari and my mommy tiger said it was alright, you could take me- she'll just make another baby- cause that's the spirit of Christmas.


tattersail younghand said...

Hello Thyself ! First of all pardon my misdemeanor for wondering into this wonderful blog of your's,but i do this for this is the true essence of social networking (keeping the joy of discovering alive).
Anyways i laughed out loud after reading what Scout's take is on Xmas spirit,in fact it beats most of the high spirited takes on the eve by adults...Kudos !

Pops said...

I said the Annie was "da bomb" the other day, but Scout takes the honors for that funny and perfect little statement. She is such a thinker. Scarey!


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