Friday, July 10, 2009

The Pirate of Cedar Hills and other stories

It's been quite some time since I posted a journal of funnies entry, so I got two (plus a bonus new dinosaur pic).

Scout - 4
Some months ago, Rob and I and Scout were shopping at the Smith's by our house and while leaving and as Rob was pulling forward out of the parking lot, a guy walked right in front of the car which inspired Rob to have to slam on his brakes. This guy happened to wear a plain black eye patch and wore long, fairly unkempt, vaguely curly hair. He gave us a look like were totally ruining his day (yes, pedestrians have the right of way, but MAYBE they should think about not walking right in front of moving vehicles from a blind spot). Scout asked us if he was a pirate and that tickled us greatly. The whole way home, Rob weaved stories about the Cedar Hills Pirate, they were all chock full of as many pirate stereotypes he could think of. Example: he was at Smiths buying Parrot food, his hook was being shined currently, and there were stories about being a land locked pirate living on your ship. You get the idea (we are awful). So that was a while ago (maybe 3 months?). A few days ago were were driving in Orem and Rob spotted a guy with the same general appearance standing on an intersection corner, he had no eye patch, but had a very crooked walking stick/cane thing. Rob said, "Scout! Do you think that is the pirate of Cedar Hills?" Scout was a tad disgruntled at the time and retorted, "Dad, you said he was just an old dude with an eye patch!"
Rob and I couldn't stop giggling, we remember her starting to get a little nervous about all the pirate talk that day and us ending it by assuring her that we were kidding and he wasn't a pirate. What we didn't remember and Scout was so kind to obviously remember verbatim-- exactly what Rob had said. We giggled mostly because it was the first time we had ever heard Scout say "dude".

Scout -4

Yesterday, I was tidying up the kitchen and Scout was sitting near the recycling garbage and watching me. She started playing with a milk jug that had been rinsed out some days ago, but had been sitting in a hot summer kitchen with some residual watery milk at the bottom for a long enough time to get nice and smelly. I wasn't paying attention and next thing I knew, she had spilled it on her clothes, hands and kiki. There was only a few drops, but certainly enough to make all those things nice and stinky. She was quite disgusted and smelled her hands and yelled, "mom! Why does it smell like toe?"

I may as well add this one, I found it quite funny and it just happened while writing the Cedar Hills Pirate story just now:
She was lying next to the desk and me while typing and looked around and noticed kiki wasn't around (a freshly washed kiki of course, she got put in the washer right after the milk incident, as it turns out, kiki isn't quite as popular smelling like toe -for either of us). I, for some reason teased her a little (I think I know why, I didn't want to be interrupted and have to stop to look for kiki). She started describing kiki to me (she's green and purple...) I tossed a small blanket that happened to be nearby on her and said "this is a blanket and it's purple". She said "it's green and purple" I said, "this blanket is purple", she- (starting to get a little perturbed) said, "it's GREEN and purple" then she snapped as that was enough teasing she could handle when it comes to kiki and said in a different, more serious, enough is enough voice, "it's KIKI you nut!!!"

Here is the latest dinosaur situation I have felt the need to take a picture of:

I think I am going to go through the posts and find all the funny dinosaur adventures my daughter has created and give them their own label. I guess I find the dinosaur adventures so funny because they are dinosaurs. If assorted dolls and little girl things were in their place, it wouldn't really fall under my radar. On a related note, I just noticed that she is holding up the piece of M&M she was saving for daddy. She found a half eaten package of M&M's today on daddy's table and I told her she could have them. She wanted to share them with daddy, so split them up. Needless to say, daddy's pile progressively got smaller and smaller until it was whittled down to one solitary, red M&M. Then, a little later she was eating it and said, this is the last piece, it's for daddy. For the record, that tiny sliver is still sitting on the desk, waiting for daddy to come home and enjoy.

As promised Cat, here is a taste of the kind of creepy munchkin like dance to Conor Oberst.
It's much better live action, but with a little imagination, you can fill in the blanks.


Cat said...

Funny stuff, that Scout just kills me.

Haley said...

She is so funny! You nut!! I'm excited for when Allison starts talking and saying funny things.

Emily said...

I'm glad Rob and I aren't the only ones that find her funny.
It is so much fun when they start talking and being funny. But, few days go by without one or both of us having at least a moment of wistfully looking back at when she was quiet and couldn't get around on her own.

Pops said...

"Old guy with an eye patch" Love that Scout and her wisdom and smarts. M&M sliver is very cool. I hope Rob didn't overindulge.

W.V. is reight. How about that? I hope you have a good weekend.

Haley said...

Yes I'm sure once she starts getting around and getting into everything and then starts asking a million questions a day I will also look back and wish these days were back. So I will enjoy them while I still can!

Dan W said...

Ahh, the moment when a child first says, "dude." Always a thrill! Thanks for sharing that with us!

All the stories are great. Thanks, Em! Really fun.

Amy said...

Funny stuff. I miss all the 4 year old inspired laughs. It's not the same when they get older. Still funny, but different. Haley, you'll love it!

Emily said...

Yeah, I agree, Haley is going to love it. Allison won't be "the bean" of course, but she certainly will be her own version and it will be a lot of fun to see.

Neaners said...

Oh my gosh, she is so adorable. I love the toe comment. I can't wait to hear all the cute things your new little daughter will say.


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