Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Elinor's Heart

Yesterday was the big ultrasound and we are very happy to report good news. The ultrasound tech did a lot of measurements of all her internal organs and arms and legs, head, etc. We also got to peak at the 4 heart chambers and watched the little valves open and shut and pump it's blood. We listened and watched a ultrasound rendition of the heart beating and she told us that she didn't detect any abnormalities. She told us the doctor would be in to check for himself.
The doctor came in, looked at what the tech did, got a full account of her heart traumas as I had understood them thus far and then did his own thing with the ultrasound which mimicked what the tech did. He looked at all the brain sections (which the tech didn't do), he also went into a very long, in depth explanation of how the heart works and why some fetuses have an arrhythmia. Then we watched the heart again, he showed me what all the little beats meant and all the little sounds and said that her heart looks GREAT. It seems as if baby bean has corrected her little misfire already. He said it isn't unheard of to have it come back and develop into tachycardia (abnormally fast heart rate that can cause some major problems in babies), he did say that he has personally never seen it happen in his 20+ years of experience. That's good enough for me.

We also were notified again that her name is going to be Elinor instead of George, was told she is measuring 6 days bigger then her due date (bring on the 9/9/09), and that she is exactly 4.2 lbs at the moment, and also, she has long legs. In addition, we got a pretty good notion that all organs, brain, bladder, stomach, kidneys, etc are all functioning and formed well. I am quite sure her ears work, since every morning after a long silent night, Scout will come in and cuddle and start talking to me and little Ella starts moving around (it's a very cute thought to me that Scout's little voice will be familiar to her sister, just like mom and dads).

Little reassurances of her health do mean a lot.


Haley said...

What a relief to know that everything works and is healthy. Those ultrasounds are the best arent they? I loved looking at the little heart with Allison's ultrasound and seeing the valves, it's amazing. I am so glad that everything looked healthy with little Ella.

B said...

Oh man! 4.2 pounds of cuteness are in your tummy!!! I love that she responds to Scout's voice, and I am also thrilled that she's grown out of her little heart murmur and most likely will come out all perfect, causing no more anxiety for her mommy. I am so excited. Can't wait to come keep Scout company when she's born!!!!

Neaners said...

I am so happy for you! What a worry and now she is doing so well. The last few weeks should go by fast. I can't wait to see beautiful little Elinor:)

Pops said...

Knew it, knew it, knew it, but it is nice and comfortable to have it verified my the Usound and the Doc and Tec. Waytogo, Elinor. I'm listening to Highway to Heaven and that what Ellie is.

W.V. is ingro. That's what she is.

Amy said...

So glad that everything looks good. Yay for healthy babies! That is so cute that she wakes up to and responds to Scout's voice. You will have so much joy from your two sweet little girls!


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