Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Dolls Abound

Throughout Scout's young life she has been given 3 baby dolls for different Christmases and Birthdays. None of them got more then about 5 minutes of attention from her before ending up at the bottom of her stuffed animal box. They just haven't been her thing. Don't get me wrong, she does have the "little girl nurturing thing" going, she just hasn't had any interest in human like babies. She has put to bed countless numbers of monkeys, kitties, doggies, elephants, zebras, etc. in little doll beds. Has fed them bottles, cradled them in her arms, rolled her monkey around the grocery store many times in her dolly stroller. I've even been made to put a diaper on Cookie Monster and a Care Bear.
Things have been changing in our household since news of our impending arrival. It started with an interest in two of her dolls. She knew they needed a mommy but thought she was too young, she was the older sister. This would have been fine except it gave me a lot more responsibility then I was willing. She wanted me to carry them around while doing housework and put them to bed every night in my bed with me (and Rob) no less. Every night after she went to sleep they would get shooed to the floor and there they would stay until she came into our room in the morning and I would inevitably get it from her. "Mom! Your babies fell off!" "Oops" I'd say and put them back into bed. I would use her to babysit as much as I could, but for a good month or so I was the primary care giver.
Well as you can see from the pictures, Scout has assumed the role of mom (let's face it, I was probably fired). What a super mom she is too! She is juggling quite a handful with all those babies on her front and back and in the stroller (she found the smallest doll recently in some forgotten place somewhere). She has yet to take all 3 with her at one time but I can see it happening any day now.
I think it's cute that the prospects of a baby sister have made her see her dolls in a different light. I think we should get her one of those more lifelike baby dolls that come with a blanket and change of clothes and bottles etc for when the baby is born. I think she would really like one to take care of with me when I take care of creepy baby george.Very silly, and I didn't think it right to let this picture just sit in my computer lost in the archives.

Speaking of silly, if you caught a glimpse of something red on her face in that picture at the park..... there you go. Where did this kid come from??


ajmah said...

I love it! Scout is such a cutie and such a crack up. So where did she get the GIANT red glasses?

Emily said...

In the Halloween box. I bought them a few years ago for a costume and ended up not wearing them. (I went with something a little more subtle). They are good to have around though and I am sure will get much use in the costume box. Scout likes them.

Sue said...

Scout is so cute! I'm so glad she is my niece. I love that she has gotten out her little dolls, preparing to be a big sister. She is going to be great. And it is hilarious that she made you take care of them at first! What a great patient mom you are.

And what are with the pictures with her legs kicking out? Looks like she was in an extra silly mood.

Emily said...

Scout has gotten quite hamtastic when I get the camera out these days. I start taking her picture and the dancing and silliness begins. I had to catch her off guard for that first picture and have about 10 pics of her in different silly poses. If you scroll through them on the camera it's like live action dancing.

Pops said...

Too cute, the pictures of the Bean.


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