Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Girl

If you haven't heard the news already I would be very surprised. But we (especially Scout) are very happy to announce that we are having a little girl. What's more, she is looking very healthy and doesn't have a dang thing wrong with her.

Now, when I awaited my ultrasound when I was preggo with Scout, for months I was absolutely consumed with her gender and finding out. It wasn't until the moment before the tech put the stick on my belly that I panicked and a million concerns about the baby's well being flooded my thoughts. Luckily, I only experienced a few seconds of this feeling before seeing her move around and be perfect and healthy and had legs and arms. Well, I am not the happy go lucky woman I once was. This time, I have gone through years worrying about this baby and if it is going to be healthy and normal. It's been magnified since carrying this baby, but I've pretty much worried about yesterday for years.

A funny thing happens when you loose a baby in utero. All of a sudden, people start telling you about every person they had ever met that had a nightmare of a pregnancy. I don't know if it is just what pops into their heads (I know I do it too, it's a total human nature thing). But all I heard were stories about every chromosomal abnormality in the book and plenty of umbilical cord accidents and scary births. Just two months after my loss a woman in my ward I had sat next to just 2 days before she gave birth, died in childbirth following a really rare complication and left I think 7 young children (plus, the poor baby had a huge cyst on her neck -totally unrelated to the mother's complication). What I am trying to say is, pregnancy and birth suddenly became a very scary thing and I couldn't believe that any babies were ever born healthy. Not to mention I was going through blood tests to check for cancer every week to see if my pregnancy had given me cancer (who knew that was even out there?) . Anyway, my condition gave me several golf ball size cysts on my ovaries, then I suffered from infertility, had to go on fertility drugs. All these things together made me doubt my abilities to ever grow a healthy egg into a healthy baby.

This whole pregnancy I've been excited but there has ALWAYS been a little cloud over my head that there could be something wrong. The scare of having another molar pregnancy went away in the first 7 weeks when I got my first ultrasound (Thanks to being "high risk" now I get early ultrasounds). But the baby at that point was only a little bean with a heart. Most of my fears didn't go away though, I was waiting to toss them aside in favor of my 20 week ultrasound when they can really get a look at the bean. Well the time for that came yesterday and let me tell you, I have been a nervous wreck for about a week. Rob was nervous too, he said that he is trying not to get too excited about the baby. I think we were both waiting for the ultrasound before we took a good, deep breath.

Luckily it was at 9 in the morning so I didn't have to be a total wreck all day. I started to relax the minute she put the stick on my belly this time and saw a head, body, two arms and two legs. I am sure I was annoying since every time she said anything I would go, "that's good right??" She did thorough measurements, checked heart chambers, major blood vessels, leg length, arm length, spine, face, this baby got the works -and passed with flying colors, she looked perfect. AND measured 3 days big, so there is a compromise between my two due dates, but they didn't officially move it, but he unofficially did to the 16th. (Small victory.)

She was sitting with her little ankles crossed and was sound asleep the whole time (a drastic contrast to Scout who was moving around so much the tech had a very difficult time doing the measurements). The tech even kept making comments about what an active one I had. Her feet didn't hold still for a second, it was quite funny. Anyway, this one was lazy as could be. The tech was trying to make sure about gender she said she had a good idea, but wasn't sure. So she giggled my stomach quite a bit to get her up and at-em and we got to watch her wake up and she actually yawned. It was very cute to see. Then she moved around and stretched a bit and she finally told us with assurance that we had a little girl. Scout was right there with us watching the screen and I said, "Scout! You're going to have a sister!" And she immediately went into a happy dance. Cutest thing ever. I was so happy for her. After that she was showing us all some ballet moves and really getting into it. She really gets it and is really excited. She kept telling everyone she wanted a sister, I kept telling her that a little brother would be fun too. I don't think she believed me, but I wanted to cover our bases. Well, she was right all along. And, Rob and I couldn't be more thrilled at the miracle that is a healthy baby.
Now, everyone needs to help me talk Rob into the name "Mallory".


Pops said...

Waytogo, Ems & Rob. I am so happy for you to have another cute child. I really didn't realize the scare and concern you have been going through these past years after the molar experience. You are a tough cookie and Mom and I are proud of you. Nice posting and Scout doing the "happy dance" makes a nice visual image. Love, Dad

Haley said...

Yay! We are so thrilled for you guys! I am so glad that everything looks so good with the baby and she is healthy and perfect. I remember when they were doing mine, I was surprised at how thorough they are with checking the brain, heart, blood flow, etc. It was definitely a relief and I am very grateful that we have these things. That is so exciting about having another girl, that will be so much fun! That's really cute about Scout dancing, congratulations!

Emily said...

Creepy Baby George looks like a gorilla this week.

The Holdaway Family said...

Yea, I am so happy for you! Girls really are the best my first two are girls and they are the best helpers! I am worried about them being teenagers but thats a different story!

I am so glad that everything is perfect!

Amy said...

Having 2 teenage girls now, and 2 post-teenage (meaning I've lived to tell about it) girls, I have to say that girls are still wonderful. I love girls. I can't imagine life without them. However, a little brother down the road, would also be great! We're so happy and relieved for you guys. I'm sorry that you had to go through so much stress, heart-ache and worry during the past couple of years. It will all pay off in about 139 days. I can't wait to see her. I think Mallory is a cute name. Does Rob really hate it, or just hasn't warmed up to it?

The Deans said...

Hi Emily! I got your message. First of all congratulations on girl #2 and I am glad that everything looked good on the u/s! As you know we are having girl #2 also and we are so excited! I think that the name Mallory is cute too.

Secondly I emailed my mom for the recipe. I remember those potatoes and they were sooo good! I will let you know when I get it for you!

The Cougar team said...

Congrats Em!! So glad to hear she's healthy. Hopefully you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy now...(((HUGS)))

Emily said...

Thanks guys! I am very excited for 2 girls. From what everyone says that has experienced this age span, it sounds like they should get along great. My sister's Sue and Cat are 4 years apart and I don't think they ever had sibling rivalry trouble. Also I agree, girls can be great helpers, more mature, etc. Besides all that, I just love how they play. At the moment my favorite upshot in all this are the mounds of baby dresses, pink butterfly blankets, and purple crib sets I own that don't have to be replaced in favor of a new masculine baby wardrobe.

About Mallory-
A few years ago (my second pregnancy most likely) Rob and I discussed the name and he told me he has a "bad name association" with it and it seemed like a firm no. I've tried to abandon it and give it up, I haven't brought it up since. I still think about it though, especially now with the knowledge that another girl is coming for sure. I decided to bring it up the night of the ultrasound, I said, "So, there is no way you'll consider Mallory?" he was totally silent for a few minutes then said "I don't know". So I said, ok, well- know it is my absolute first choice and roll it around in your head for a little while. And that was it. I won't bring it up again until he says something or names come up again. That's how Rob works. He did read this post yesterday afternoon.

Thanks! I appreciate your efforts and am crossing my fingers it doesn't involve Cream of Mushroom soup, Rob's allergic to mushrooms. I suppose I could substitute it, but it was so good as is. Do you have any name ideas for your second?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say... Matt and I are not fans of Mallory.

Hehe, my WV is exionsuk, like Exxon Sucks. I like that.

Love B

Emily said...

Well I'm crossing my fingers that you guys will have the opportunity to get used to it (or a lifetime of tolerance).

The Deans said...

Well I have good news for you Emily! I got the recipe, emailed it to Marcus and Haley to forward it on to you, and there is NO mushroom soup! Now I hope that it is as good as you remember!

We have thought of names and most likely she will be named Sophie Nichole. I hope Rob warms up to Mallory for you. It is a cute name! Did Haley tell you some of our good friends just named their little girl Scout?!

Emily said...

Congratulations once again, Em. I'm so glad that the last couple of anxious years have come to such a happy ending. Babies really are a miracle.
Two little girls will be so much fun! And Scout espdecially will be such a cute sister. Girls are something else, I tell you. I love the role-playing and dancing and high-voices and dressing up. It's just funny.

Eliza said...

Yay! Sisters are the best.


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