Friday, May 11, 2012

Elle's favorite thing in the whole world right now

 Is this sticker.

She got it for being a big girl at Primary Children's Hospital this week.  When we got home, Scout put it on her crib so she could look at it and she hasn't stopped looking at it since.
She LOVES it like crazy.  The second I get her to her bed she is craning her neck to see it, even before she is out of my arms.  She laughs at it, talks to it and just simply gazes at it.  

I also have to prop her bottle up in a way that she can drink and stare at it, 
and when it is dark, I've now been keeping her lamp on
 (the first night I didn't and she weighed in with her opinion about that).  

It's really cute- she REALLY REALLY loves that Fozzie sticker.


Marcus said...

That is so so cute. I love all the pictures of her looking at it. Also so sweet of Scout for doing that for her. :) I also love Elle's shoes.

Haley said...


Emily said...

I love those shoes too! -and Elle's shoes always stay so nice and clean, it's a great perk.

Emily said...

By the way= haven't seen Marcus weigh in for a while :)

Beth said...

Oh Em! That adorable baby is the sweetest thing ever. Do you think she loves the sparkles? If so, you could paint the crib with SPARKLES!!!!! Just a thought. :)

Sue said...

I didn't think she could be any cuter! I love this! I recognize that outfit! Looks like you took these pictures before you dropped her off at my house on Friday.

Anonymous said...

This bebe is SO CUTE!!! Her love of Sesame Street makes me so happy. It makes her happy, and is demonstrative of some exceptional taste on her part. What a love.



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