Thursday, March 22, 2012

I know

I owe this blog a post all about the Radiohead concert.  I have been super busy doing stuff all week and I want to really do it right and that is going to take time and energy and both have been in short supply. 

For now just know that it was possibly the greatest night of my life and a post in detail is coming as soon as I can give it the respect it deserves.  Since I am going to St. George tomorrow to attend a niece's wedding over the weekend, I am going to say that the posts (yes posts) will be starting on Monday or Tuesday.

A few teasers until then.............


Sue said...

I love that picture of you and Matt! So cute! I cannot wait for the post. Even though I was on the trip I cannot wait to read the recap. You must include the pitbull lady in Vegas "Learn how to drive" and how we had to say just about everything in her voice.

And "Can you do something about these Dingos?"

Emily said...

HAHA! I haven't thought about the dingos in days. I'll fit it all in one post or another. It'll be epic.

Sue said...

Check the family blog


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