Monday, July 26, 2010

See mom, I told you she would fit!

Is the sentence I heard, accompanied by the ominous rolling of wheels. I whirled around knowing what I would find.


You see, I made the mistake of using, "she wouldn't fit" as my excuse as to why Scout couldn't roll her sister around in that tiny wagon. I should have known that Scout wouldn't take that -not as a challenge exactly- more like a logical "Oh, I bet she would--- see!"

This all started last night while I was making dinner. Elles enjoys a good rock in her car seat more then many other things life. She has pretty much out grown her bouncy seat, but enjoys using her legs to well, do ANYTHING, so when she finds herself on a flat surface in her car seat, she gets that thing swinging like I have never seen the likes of. To take it a step further (and to give Scout ideas last night) when she is on our wood floor and rocking, if you turn your head for a few minutes, she will likely have rocked herself into the next room. So we were doing this routine last night while I was making dinner and Scout soon came up with the idea to pull Elles around by the strap that tightens the other straps and is always hanging down (and is Elles favorite thing to suck/play with while confined in the car seat). Now I know this doesn't sound like a fully well advised activity for a few reasons one of them being that there are probably safer activities for two little girls to do (with one participant a fairly helpless baby- the other a rambunctious 5 year old). But in my defense, I made Scout go slow and Elles had all her safety harnesses latched up, and I would have stopped it right away if Elles hadn't been laughing so hard. She had a blast, so right or wrong I let it go on for a little while.
So anyway, when we got up this morning, it's what Scout wanted to do (it's called "paddle boat rides" for the record). I relented and strapped Elles in the seat and got on the computer. After a few minutes, Scout must have come across that blue wagon and had a great idea. You know the rest......................

Sorry the pictures are so bad, but I grabbed the camera fast and was only willing to take a couple fast snapshots before rescuing the little trooper.

Scout and I came up with a compromise that worked for all involved:


Matt said...

Nobody has said a thing about her legs in that picture?!! Well, here goes!
I love her legs in that picture!

Emily said...

Agreed! I must confess myself surprised that this post hadn't elicited any comments. I just look at that pic of Elles in there with her funny legs and picture the struggles Scout must have had lifting her up and getting her in there.

Pops said...

I was going to comment at various times, but was too lazy to log-in at the time. Most funny picture of Ells in the wagon with her cute legs sticking up. It warms my heart thinking about scout and Elinor playing together and how Scout treats her fair and funny. Such a good pair. You and Rob are the best!!!

Sue said...

Can't stop laughing at the legs.


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