Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09

Halloween started off this week with a church party on Wednesday I only found out about a few hours before it started. I had not been to church for some time since I have a newborn, so I am out of the loop. Anyway, we hadn't purchased Scout a costume yet (I'd like to blame that on Elinor too, but in reality, I often put off costume purchases and such until last minute). Anyway, I needed a costume for Scout and we put this together on a few hours notice and I was mighty pleased with the outcome:

in character


At the party playing the cake walk.... she won! (That is an action shot of her winning) she picked a caramel apple......of course.

The costume parade (one of the young women painted her hair pink to Scout's delight)

On Friday, she got to wear her costume to school for a Halloween party (she chose to wear the one we purchased which you will see in a moment). After school she had a birthday party to go to for a neighbor friend (her dad is named Micheal Moore- sorry I had to add that it makes me chuckle every time). Anyway, it was a princess party, so she got to wear her princess clothes. I probably should have taken a picture, but didn't think of it.

On Halloween day, we decorated Halloween cookies:I love Scout's by the way. I was lazy and used a cookie mix and canned frosting.... don't tell anyone. They tasted pretty good though, and a lot faster then my usual recipe and will do for this year. Maybe we'll do Christmas cookies.....
Then Cam and Sue came over for a visit and that was fun and there were plenty of beans to go around for that.

We went to the store with a puppy costume in mind, but once she saw this, there was no puppy costume that would ever do. Being 40% off (one perk to procrastination) and knowing that she will get her moneys worth wearing this long long after Halloween, I bought it for her.

Here is Scout in her unicorn costume.... About to ham it up in






And then we have Elinor. After shopping for costumes for a while, I deemed 6 weeks as -too small to wear a costume- and bought her a onsie instead and popped a hat on my mom bought her and viola--

First smile I have been able to capture on camera, even if it is only a half smile.

Contrary to what this may look like, she is smiling here too, but got a little too excited.

Definitely not smiling here

I love this picture! Very "rolling with the homies".

This is a classic Elinor look/stance

And a good yawn.......
And peace out

Elinor joined us in trick or treating in the wagon wrapped up in a billion blankets, daddy stayed home to watch the U of U game and to hand out candy. It was a very nice night to trick or treat, quite warm and Scout got a good haul and had a lot of fun. Then we went home and ordered a pizza.
Good times.


Haley said...

Sounds like fun! Love both of Scout's costumes. Good idea on Elinor's little outfit, I think it is cute. Great to see more pictures of little Elinor, she is so cute. Ahh...little froggy mittens...tear.

Pops said...

Very nice, Ems. Scout in the kitty costume is way cute and looks grownup kinda. She knows how to work a photo op. The orange Elinor is the best.

Amy said...

Love all the pictures. I thought the same thing Dad did. Although, I think she looks so much older in all of them! They're both so cute! I told Scott, when I found out the U/WYO game was on Halloween night, that it will make a lot of mom's peturbed. I'm sure there were a lot of mom's out trick-or-treating this year! Although, it's kindof how it usually was for me anyway. I think I only remember handing out candy 1 year while Scott took them out. This Halloween was kindof sad for me. No trick-or-treating for the first time. I think next year I'll do a party so they have something fun to do. It's a little sad when they get too big!

Cat said...

I thought Scout looked older too! She's just darling. And little Elinor and her barf-coated tongue, so dang cute!

Emily said...

What's with Scout growing up in like a week? Maybe it's because I put her hair in a pony tail? Haha! Calling that tiny nub of hair a pony tail just made me laugh. Her poor little tiny head of hair- I love her. Anyway, you all just saw her very recently. Sad how you had no kids trick or treating this year Aim. The cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon....
You have to sing that like Homer which is what I had in mind instead of for real, or it's too cheesy.

Neaners said...

Absolutely adorable of both of them! Scout is quite the ham! Glad you had such a fun Halloween!


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