Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I don't know if it's because there is a smaller one in the house or because Scout is just giant now (those two are probably related), but I am waxing nostalgic about Scout's early years. One of mine and Rob's favorite things about being parents is the language your child makes up. Here are some of our favorites, a few still used today, but some have been corrected and are gone forever. Enjoy a small journey into my child's head:

A two wheeled vehicle one can cruise around in, instead of a car. A very popular choice of vehicles for Scout, even if her daddy can't stand them.

Lee: A word said in place of either "very" or "really". For example: I am lee, lee sad. or I lee don't like sauce.

Chir-rah-rah: A dog breed from south of the border.

60 years ago: Some time ago, anything that didn't happen in the last 12 hours happened "yesterday". As in, "mom, remember yesterday when we went to the zoo and we saw a gorilla climbing the tree?" -actual time: about 6 months-. I started challenging that and trying to make her get that yesterday is limited to events happening 24 hours ago. Ever since, she modified herself, and if something happened longer then a day ago, it must have happened 60 years ago. Example: "One time, 60 years ago, I went to preschool". We are still working on that.

Shurf: Something daddys do to their faces and mommys do to their legs. Example: "dad- you have prickly hairs, you need to shurf". Can also be used in past tense thusly: "Dad! You shurfted".

Sploosh: A completely made up word of Scouts, I find quite comical. Used in place of splashed.

Skedatins: A Halloween favorite- skulls and bones. Definitely Scout's favorite Halloween item.

Robock: A machine that works or looks like a human being and can do human tasks.

er-ee: Ernie from Sesame Street. We waved bye bye to this long ago, but is one of my all time favorite Scoutisms, so it was certainly worth a mention here.

Ladypops: AKA suckers.

Googala: Another completely made up word Scout has used for years and years. We have only recently got it's meaning out of her. It means hello.

Dunglees: Nightwear (pajamas). Completely made up again, and an all time family favorite that has pushed it's way into everyday Pugh family use. It has replaced the word pajamas in our household forever. Most of you are familiar with this one.

Late additions
(I'll probably be adding things here for a while as they occur to me)

"Are you kitten me?": Needs little explanation, especially when one is familiar with little girls and their obsessions with cats. Of course when mom and dad say that, they must be talking about kittens.

Yucky juice and water poop: Things that happen when one has stomach ailments. (Or if you happen to be Scout's baby sister, they are a way of life.

Lincoln hogs: A popular toy dated back to the 50's or 60's (I really have no idea when they came about), but Scout's nephew Booker just gave her two huge bags of them.

I'm sure there are more, but this is all I can come up with for now. Makes me wonder what wonderful things E
linor will be making up and saying.

Ps Elinor: no pressure to begin talk
ing yet, Scout talks enough for about 5 kids at the moment.


Haley said...

I was actually thinking about this randomly earlier today about how funny Scout is and all the silly and clever things she says. And then I thought how fun it will be to watch Elinor grow and say funny things too. Marcus and I are getting excited for Allison to start talking and saying funny things. She already makes us laugh all the time, can't wait until she speaks! By the way, sploosh is also what they call the canned fermented peaches in the book "Holes." Funny.

Neaners said...

Oh how cute! So many precious words. She is such a character. I like Dunglees. It is pouring here today in "sunny" California and I want to be in mine. I think she will definitely help Elinor talk. It will be fun.

Sue said...

Dunglees has pretty much made into the Wright lexicon. It is my favorite made up word. Scout is the best.

Too bad you can't do an audio one that has her funny laughs, the way she used to say Booker (berger), and they way she says "mom" kind of nasally when she needs something.

Haley said...

By the way, that picture of Scout at the end totally looks like Sarah at that age!

Emily said...

You're right, it does look like Sarah. I just thought it was a cheeky little picture of her that fit well at the end of that post.

Haley said...

Definitely fits, and I love the crumbs smeared in her hair!
WV:porter - the name of the awesome craft store in Rexburg where I went this evening. Here's a funny little story for ya Ems: I went to the craft store tonight to get a few things to make something for Allison and get a picture frame with a mat that had 2 5x7 openings for the 2 5 gen pics. One for me and one for my mom. Well, after searching like 5 rows of picture frames and asking the lady that worked there, they had none. So after I finished up there I had to run to walmart (shudder haha) because they are the only place that has this certain hair stuff that Marcus likes. So I walk past the frame aisle and decide to take a look and see if they had it. I honestly didn't expect them to have it but alas, they did! So funny. Don't mean to discount your post, because I totally agree with you, but it is just funny.

Amy said...

I love all the Scoutisms. So hilarious. I'd never heard some of them. Kids are the best. I'm glad I've still got little ones in my life, because I miss them so much. Oh, I just thought of a Kellyism! This one just occured Monday night (so even at 3 weeks shy of 18 years old, they still make you laugh!) She said, "Did you see all the deer in the field by the side of the road. There was a huge "glob" of deer!" Scott said, "It's called a "herd" Kell"
Oh Kelly! We laughed so hard.

Emily said...

Haha! Kelly is so funny. I've always enjoyed a good Kellyism story.
Sadly Haley, I have a similar Walmart story. 60 years ago, I was on the activities commitee in our ward and had to find a volley ball net for a summer party (for cheap). I went EVERYWHERE and avoided Walmart and finally broke down and tried it and found one for 10 bucks. (Ok, that was more like 5 years ago, but thought I would pay homage and use a Scoutism.) In a weird coincidence, I bought a frame with two 5X7 openings not long ago and found it at Ross thank you very much.
ps those "crumbs" are mashed potatoes- and she is very proud of her handiwork.

Haley said...

Who's momma's little piggy??!!

Pops said...

Mom and I have a long list of Mattisms. He was the best (worst). Some day we will have to post them and all have a few laughs. Scout is truly a hoot! Love it.

Cat said...

What's the deal with Scout's babysitter? I don't think I ever heard 'googala'! That's a new one to me. Does she still use that one?

Haley said...

Scout's nephew Booker? Haha.


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