Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fun With Apples

For any of you that don't follow my family blog, here is a video from there. Perhaps it will give a little insight on why Scout adores her Aunt B and Uncle Matt so much (also some insight on why we all adore Miss Scout Ginger). The last half is a nice showcase of some of her "moves".

Random related moment: About an hour after posting this, I was in my room and Scout yells from her room:
"Mom! I need another apple!"
Me: "What happened to your other apple?"
Scout: "It's an apple core now!"

Rob and I just had a good laugh having never heard her use the term "apple core". I just thought that was funny and had to share it and adding it to the "fun with apples" post seemed fitting.


Cat said...

What's Edward kitten?

Emily said...

That would be the Phister's old kitty. She doesn't forget quickly any real cats she meets in her life.


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