Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bye Bye Car Lady.........Forever

As stated in my post some time back, Rob worked on a lady's house for months and months in trade for my new car. What we didn't tell you was that what began as an easy fair trade, soon turned into a nightmare. He didn't know going in that car lady (all of Rob's clients have nicknames that helps me know who he is referring to. Man, is she luckey this was hers) would be the most unreasonable perfectionist, add many, many more things for him to do and turn him into what Rob called, "her monkey boy". In fact here is a little taste of what Rob faced:
After Rob would leave for the day, she would go around with his blue painter's tape and mark any imperfection she could find on the walls, for Rob to fix the next day. They ranged from legitimate paint drips to problems in the drywall Rob was not authorized to fix, to paint problems from whomever the chump was that painted her house last, to the way a shadow hit the wall. Above is one day's worth he peeled off the walls of her house after the job was FINISHED and already gone over by her (and approved) weeks before. We saved the tape as a reminder of a car well earned. His last job for her was to epoxy the floor of her shed/garage. After he did it, she decided she didn't like that and made him sand it ALL OFF and redo it with something else. Monkey boy indeed. Poor Rob, I was close to marching over to her house and giving her a piece of my mind, but I would have possibly said some unkind things about why she wasn't married and lived with her sister and about sticks in places they shouldn't, so car lady was saved my rath.
Well anyway, she let Rob take the car back in April was it? but she still held the title. Recently, Rob finally finished his debt and was out of her clutches along with the title. Let me tell you, it was a glorious day. Yes, we got the title in our name, but I didn't care much about that. I celebrated and made the car my own in my own way.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you guys have the title in your name and Rob is done with her! What a beast! I can't belive all that blue tape is from one day. What a waste of that tape. I can't believe how expensive that stuff is.


megandjon said...

Does Rob always work for crazy ladies? Thank goodness he's not married to one!

Emily said...

We were discussing all the crazy people in our lives lately and although we can't blame Craig's List for Jacque, we can blame it on most of them. I think there just is a lot of crazys out there.

Anonymous said...

I still say that that lady had a crush on Rob, and was just so torn up that he was leaving that she started tearing blue tape and sticking it anywhere she could and making things up. How else do you get that psychotic?!

Emily said...

Way to stick it to her with the Radiohead bumper sticker. That's awesome.


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